Disturbing Things from Around the Internet [Vol. 1]

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  • Published on:  Friday, February 2, 2018
  • The Internet is full of creepy and disturbing finds. Tonight, we're going to dive headstrong into five unsettling things that I've recently stumbled upon. Enjoy.

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    #1: http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2018/01/the-hawaii-missile-scare-was-caused-by-too-realistic-drill.html
    #2: /brandon.bybee.121/posts/1805874463062148
    #3: https://www.faceclips.net/video/vzdVDnaVNL8/video.html
    #4: /Teri.Girl.Antee/posts/731385160394299
    #5: https://imgur.com/a/rNHil

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/Z03BX5IEoZI


  • Arbitrary


     6 hours ago +1

    just barely watched this, 12:49 i live in salt lake and i know where that place was, I literally live 5 mins from it, this freaks me out

  • Gracie Riley

    Gracie Riley

     7 hours ago +2

    im scared to get up now

  • jigsaw jigsaw

    jigsaw jigsaw

     11 hours ago

    "The way they kept their composure"? BS that guy's wife was tripping tf out like they ain't ever lived in a state w/ tornadoes

  • detergent


     11 hours ago

    1:01 nice

  • Andrew Freligh

    Andrew Freligh

     20 hours ago

    Brother i am new to your channel and it just so happened that i took your advice on catching up with the disturbing internet videos and began watching vol. 1. This is my issue im from wahiawa oahu hawaii , and would like it if you and all who are like minded to know and understand during the false alarm missile threat there was no state of panic except those few people they caught on video running. Hawaiian's and the locals who have been here for years know how behave in the face of an emergency. At no point after i was woken by the strange vibrations coming from my phone and read the message on it and headed outside to make sure those i knew were aware of the threat did i see any sort of panic among those who i saw. Sure concern and some preparations to evacuate were in progress however not one person was panicking. Please stop using that word to describe all of hawaii's residents because it is simple not true. So sorry for the long message but i needed that to be said.

  • ScrungoMoose


     23 hours ago

    Safety fact about tornadoes: If you look at it and it's not moving, that means it's moving TOWARDS you and you need to seek immediate shelter.

  • TheThrashyOne



    You sound really skeptical about the radio stations' explanation about a difference in sample rates, but as someone who's delved into audio processing before, I can tell you it's true that pitch and duration can get stretched if the sample rate of an audio signal doesn't match with the sample rate of the output device.

  • Mr. RadBerry

    Mr. RadBerry

     yesterday +2

    “It would always be naptime....”

    boi i thought it was a child murder

  • First Name Last Name

    First Name Last Name


    i know this is a year late, but i lived there when it happened. You cannot get to a shelter, there are way too many people on the island. if something like this ever actually happened, it is 100% game over for the people that live there. something to think about in these intense political times.

  • Cassie Smith

    Cassie Smith


    I'm lucky enough to be in an area where minor damage to my roof is all the damage I get should a tornado through my house. A couple times it's already happened. And that radio shit, I'm pretty sure someone fucked up a station and they got out of sync and accidentally hit the emergency button. I was listening to country radio with my pops (his favorite, not mine) and one of the songs played backwards and slow. It was creepy but I recognized it. It's not as complicated as you think.

  • Captain Falcon

    Captain Falcon


    call me sadistic but i burst out laughing the way the guy says "our house... is FRIGGIN DESTROYED!"

  • ekakytsat


     2 days ago

    There used to be a daycare with the same ugly green and the same sign that I would pass while driving. It’s not a daycare anymore but it’s really freaking me out.



     2 days ago

    I remember this I had the alert on my phone because I live in Hawaii

  • Joe Schizoid

    Joe Schizoid

     2 days ago

    It had always been said that when Keith Jackson dies, all hell was gonna break loose. Whoa Nelly!

  • jayden Jeffries

    jayden Jeffries

     2 days ago

    I can vouch in my 21 years in slc I havent ever seen any kids or anybody at all for that fact just tweakers hanging around it. but i have a had a few friends that say they went there as kids but I haven't been able to verify with parents.. Growing up we always were told it was some sort of FBI or governtment front. Hmmmm maybe we gonna have to bust a mission and dind out the awnsers.

  • Hayley PIlcher

    Hayley PIlcher

     2 days ago

    the only thing I see here is gru

  • Acidic-Melody


     2 days ago

    Plot twist: the missiles actually did hit us in a parallel universe but somehow we still got the alerts

  • Uphill-Evolution


     3 days ago

    In an event that a nuke was going to land near me (closest place would be Chicago which is a hour and a half drive away), I'd drive with my family 5 minutes down the street from my house, bash in my old highschool's window and crawl into their fallout shelter that is now a dressing room for their stage plays. Almost nobody knows its a fallout shelter. Yeah, it might not be fully functional and I bet radiation would get through. But it's a better bet than nothing at all right? In Japan during WW2, a small amount of the survivors didn't actually get cancer or poisoned as a result of the bombs and they were in direct contact with the nuclear material. So don't rule survival out just because you might receive a large dose of radiation. If you do and you don't have a chance at making it though, it's a painful and horrible death but I'd rather take my chances and pray to God. I know only a few people know that shelter exists. Basically just school staff and people who do stage plays know. And those that know that it's a fallout shelter don't live close enough to get to it in time. In the case of Hawaii if that were to happen near me, so what? I think any breaking and entering charge in those circumstances is probably going to be dismissed because you were fleeing in fear of danger. Even if it wasn't dismissed, it's better than possibly risking death. That's how I see it.

  • No one important

    No one important

     3 days ago

    This is scary as hell

  • derp doggo :3

    derp doggo :3

     3 days ago

    Why? Out off all things? Am i watching this when my parents aren't home.

    I am scared 😂