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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 18, 2019
  • When the lights went out in a huge swath of New York City, residents adapted by directing traffic themselves, and Broadway stars took their shows to the streets.

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  • TheFourthWinchester


     yesterday +1

    Panic for one blackout. Man, murricans are stupid.

  • SCOTT Medeiros

    SCOTT Medeiros

     3 days ago

    Similar situation in CA, power outage all cell networks and radio stations went down.

  • Anele Manquma

    Anele Manquma

     6 days ago

    Why can't we be like that in SA?

  • Michelle J

    Michelle J

     7 days ago

    Panicking over 3 hours without aircons 😅 wondering why we have a global warming crisis 🙄

  • SukigamiNinja


     7 days ago

    New York used too much electricity

  • Vanny Yartey

    Vanny Yartey

     7 days ago +1

    Black outs for five hours 😂😂😂😂 welcome 2 Ghana home of black outs

  • Lullebye


     21 days ago

    I swear I’m the only person who didn’t feel either EVEN AFTER I NOTICED SHIT MOVING DURING THE SECOND ONE AND KNEW, I didn’t feel a thing

  • Ken


     28 days ago

    I love when cop lovers say that without them we would have anarchy and the world would tumble into chaos with immediate rioting and suddenly everyone would become a mass murderer.

    I mean, I'm not saying that wouldn't happen. We just got lucky this time.

  • Woyne Bele

    Woyne Bele

     1 months ago

    only recently the schedule to light outage stooped here

  • Quing Ching Hua Rong

    Quing Ching Hua Rong

     1 months ago +1

    I was there! I was on Broadway watching the second part of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child when the lights did a weird flicker and after awhile of waiting someone went out and announce they were unsure whether the play would come back on and then later they announced it was definitely off. People flooded the streets, but the billboards oddly still worked. My mother complained about all the people taking selfies in the streets. We got to the hotel and we're relieved that we did not have to walk up 17 flights of stairs to get to our hotel room. The lights didn't come back until midnight.

  • U S Ti

    U S Ti

     1 months ago

    OMG such a SHOCKING news 😂

  • Onotolei Wassermann

    Onotolei Wassermann

     1 months ago

  • Onotolei Wassermann

    Onotolei Wassermann

     1 months ago

    Big cities collapse. Worldwide.

  • a stupid chanel for a stupid

    a stupid chanel for a stupid

     1 months ago

    New York did a zimbabwe

  • Peter Derycke

    Peter Derycke

     1 months ago

    You can always blame the Russians...

  • Magby


     1 months ago +1

    Gotta love first world problems. Im Puertorrican we still had places withouth electricity a year after Hurricane Maria.

  • Kyle D

    Kyle D

     1 months ago

    Did they never have any black outs before that they don't have any generators as backups? Because if there were, then people will definitely flock at their store....

  • Chad Lozano

    Chad Lozano

     1 months ago

    I didn't know wtf a stoop was until "Hey Arnold" came out. I still havent seen many in person lmao! We have porches out west lol.

  • 4- EAST Entertainments

    4- EAST Entertainments

     1 months ago

    I was in a hotel manhattan until the blackout happen,after that I was ranting about killing all the electricians if they don't fix the power

  • do it boy records

    do it boy records

     1 months ago