I Tried Police Academy

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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 29, 2019
  • I took on the challenge of training like a recruit at San Diego Police Academy. Go follow my Instagram to see everything we don't show on YouTube! http://www.instagram.com/michellekhare


    Thank you to San Diego Police Department! Learn more and follow them:


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    Kevin Stiller


  • Source: https://youtu.be/ZJGirITl6sE


  • Moto_Bunny #3

    Moto_Bunny #3

     17 minutes ago

    oh hey you're the one that did the army training thing with caleb. You're a really determined person and I love that

  • Romeo Rogers

    Romeo Rogers

     24 minutes ago

    Beautiful beautiful Michelle

  • DD’s Trash

    DD’s Trash

     31 minutes ago

    Girl, the things you do...
    I respected you before but now, I respect you on a whole new level

  • ayshe ali

    ayshe ali

     3 hours ago

    Nice job your really good at it

  • Horse Talk Show

    Horse Talk Show

     3 hours ago

    Anyone else crack up when the officer added “it’s on YouTube actually” 😂 Like boys we made it to YouTube

  • Rj Petrella

    Rj Petrella

     7 hours ago

    I have only watched the marine Corp video, but I just wanted to comment and say that I appreciate you taking the initiative to actually see what these folks go through. I'm currently in the process to become an LEO and I get some funny looks from people I think because of the negativity on social media. Again, I appreciate you being willing to put any bias or preconceptions aside and put your feet in those boots. You're tough as nails! Best wishes!

  • kaka nyong manise

    kaka nyong manise

     8 hours ago

    After watching hundreds of buzzfeed videos, I finally found her name

  • Yoongis littlehope

    Yoongis littlehope

     14 hours ago

    I just wanna say that "justified" use of force, is still the use of force.

  • George Enke

    George Enke

     16 hours ago

    I wish all the police critic's would do this. After all, she toke a small dose of what our men and women do every day.

  • Christian Bagnati

    Christian Bagnati

     17 hours ago

    The first 98% was sooo good

  • Meghan Perozich

    Meghan Perozich

     21 hours ago

    Do firefighter training

  • Carlene Vasquez

    Carlene Vasquez

     21 hours ago

    I don’t know how you have so much courage to do this

  • Gabe Wildman

    Gabe Wildman

     23 hours ago


  • Asuka Lee

    Asuka Lee

     23 hours ago

    omfg i was so worryed about your eyes godddd

  • Random stuff Yep

    Random stuff Yep

     yesterday +1

    Do fire fighters 🧯

  • Edward Engdahl

    Edward Engdahl

     yesterday +1

    The following video may T R I G G E R viewers

  • момёптz



    I have family that are officers and I know they are good people with honest intentions but I also have experienced and witnessed some horribly oppressive and traumatic moments with law enforcement who did not have good intention and that did NOT make me or anyone in the community feel safe but instead surveilled and targeted for harassment. And it’s scary not knowing how one traffic stop could go one way or another. The anxiety over whether an officer is just doing their job or out to get you for whatever arbitrary reason as an excuse to cite, fine, detain, touch.... Or being spoken down to by an officer if they don’t know my profession as a professor and assume I’m just an “ignorant Latina” and easy target is dehumanizing becuase it shows that respect for citizens isn’t freely given but only accessed through privilege. Videos of a look inside a day as a cop doesn’t really capture what reality is when show and tell time is over and there is no third party observer. With full power and authority and no oversight while on patrol what recourse does any citizen have when an officer does make them feel threatened or uncomfortable? There’s no accountability for even the so called bad apples so how can historically disenfranchised and oppressed communities have trust and positive relationships with law enforcement? It’s a real divide that could definitely be healed and addressed if the proper resources and oversight was allocated to police reform. There needs to be a full overhaul of how we do criminal justice.

  • Daniel Bujas

    Daniel Bujas


    My dream is to became the Police officer....

  • Pierre Williston

    Pierre Williston


    stop murdering innocent people bunch of low life and it would help you not to be shot by people defending themself, the lady is too honest to be a cop pain compliance is torture its true name

    how the blue low life wont teach you in front of the camera
    how to lie,
    cheat ,
    plant guns,
    beat up cuffed suspect
    murder unnarmed people,

  • Kodey Graeff

    Kodey Graeff


    Police good, criminals shit, anti police activists are dumb fucks. That is all.