Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald - Movie Review

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 15, 2018
  • The 2nd installment of the "Fantastic Beasts" Harry Potter prequel series hits theaters. Does it do the legacy justice? Here's my review of FANTASTIC BEASTS: THE CRIMES OF GRINDELWALD

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  • Maximiliano Zuñixtli

    Maximiliano Zuñixtli

     7 days ago

    I didn't see you review the Deathly Hallows movies from Harry Potter,! You literally just ended at The Half Blood Prince. 🙄

  • rmg huntry

    rmg huntry

     28 days ago

    It's not called Fantastic Beasts bc of the beast, it's because newt, the protagonist, wrote the book: fantastic Beasts and where to find them(no hate 😂)

  • Bassel Al Hindi

    Bassel Al Hindi

     1 months ago

    Actually if one watched this movie with no previous knowledge of any Harry Potter movie or the Fantastic Beasts film, this movie would be the best magic movie ever.

  • Digos HNDRXX

    Digos HNDRXX

     1 months ago

    This fantasy world didn’t seem to have consistency or make to much sense. Watching this movie I kept thinking what are the limits of magic... you can make anyone fall in love for you, you can put cuffs on someone (why wouldn’t there be a spell for someone to get cuffs off themselves?), you can stupefy people, you can teleport, ( but in the climax only some of them teleported) really there doesn’t seem to be a limit of what u can do, and the just makes me think how can anyone in the wizard world feel comfortable or safe?

    I also thought the transitions jumped a lot and left on travel seems. After they ran from the cats in the library and teleported to some random place the next seen was in some dungeon with characters we hadn’t seen in like 30 min there was no explanation on how everyone came to be there

  • King Of Leone

    King Of Leone

     2 months ago

    I remember Queenie's character just so charming I love it

  • Luis Z

    Luis Z

     2 months ago

    I hate these movies even more because they are the reason we aren’t getting the Flash solo film for a long time cause Miller said he’s getting to the flash movie once he’s done with fantastic beast and they are milking 3 more movies out of this dumpsterfire

  • w_R Andrs

    w_R Andrs

     2 months ago

    The one line in the entire movie I can quote, is the line where Queenie begs Jacob to join Grindelwald's side with her. That alone had the most impact on me of all the things in the movie. Also the baby killing scenes too were shocking as hell.

    So, yes... This is easily the weakest Wizarding World movie. The fun thing about the WW films is that I can at one point quote major sequence from those films. Even the first fantastic beasts had memorable dialogues...

    Visually appealing, Queenie and Jacob's relationship got even more interesting, Johnny Depp and Jude Law did not suck.
    The bad however... boring script, forced romance between Tina and Newt, movie title is very misleading, "Fantastic Beasts"... , Pacing is worse than the first fantastic beasts.

    What is it I always say... 3rd time's the lucky charm .
    Let that be true.

  • Matthew BR Sims

    Matthew BR Sims

     2 months ago

    I really don't see why I should care about the third film after seeing Crimes of Grindelwald. It was a huge, convoluted series of exposition to setup for a sequel but with no substance or payoff of its own. It is just like Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. If you don't make an interesting, well written film in itself in your rush to build up to the film you really want to make, why should I care?

  • Stephanie Oplinger

    Stephanie Oplinger

     3 months ago

    I seem to be the only person who really liked this movie. But I'm also the only person who never read or finished watching the original HP storyline. So, to me, it was cool and fresh as hell. 🤷‍♀️

  • horst wessel

    horst wessel

     3 months ago +1

    Asian woman in Hollywood films tend to be pretty shit nowadays, Claudia Kim as Nagini, Kelly Tran as Rose Tico ...

  • Alexander Smith

    Alexander Smith

     4 months ago

    Alright, so on pottermore it’s revealed that Harry Potter became an auror when he grew up. Why not make it a murder-mystery noir style but with wizards, where he’s tracking down a wizard serial killer? The Harry Potter books have always been, for the most part, mystery books, so it would be cool. Maybe we could also see something really bad happen to Ron, like having a colleague die or something, so that’s why he quits the minestry and works at Weasley’s Wizards Weezes

  • Lærke


     4 months ago

    I think there was a good script hiding in the movie. The creatures were so cool, seeing Newt at Hogwarts was neat and the opening was good. J.K isn't used be being a screen writer, which shows, but there is still potential. 
    The script just needed a lot of cuts and rearrangeing. Like some plots in this movie could have been introduced in the third or fourth instead. 
    Most of the elements weren't bad they just needed proper focus.

  • Chris Moore

    Chris Moore

     4 months ago

    Interesting. I of course loved harry potter but didn't much like the first fantastic beats movie. This one was a step way up. I think people were expecting more plot like the first movie, but if you consider this chapter 2 in a 5-7 part series, it has a lot of interesting character development. But like the previous films, not a fan of yates direction, and this film, like the first fantastic beasts, leans far too heavily on pokemon and cgi. It's kind of losing it's grounding in the "real" world with the way he always has a pokemon for everything. Overall though I think the criticism is extremely unfounded for this movie, much better than the first one IMO.

  • King Baby

    King Baby

     4 months ago

    What I hate the most about fan-service prequels is that they take all of the fun out of mystery around a story.

  • jose gonzalez

    jose gonzalez

     4 months ago

    First of all, 2 weeks, no way, second the only thing I could think during the entire movie is Solo saying "that's not how the force works" just completely inconsistent to lore

  • Elite Gamer

    Elite Gamer

     4 months ago

    total waste of time.....utter garbage movie...

  • Anna Munsey-Kano

    Anna Munsey-Kano

     5 months ago

    This review is accurate...and yet somehow fails to completely capture how bad this movie actually was. The Easter eggs weren't even good. Breaking all the rules of the world. AND no plot? Should have been a dogshit rating.

  • w_R Andrs

    w_R Andrs

     5 months ago

    Just saw Crimes of Grindelwald.

    In short: I liked FB: CoG.
    Some acts was too much diplomacy, the pacing made the movie feel longer than necessary,
    Reason of return of recurring cast was glossed over, and the new ones was killed off or had too little screen time to even leave lasting impression on the viewers.
    But the cinematography was as beautiful as what the original saga created. The atmosphere was pure J.K, characters's decisions left impact on me (Especially Queenie), and characters deep within the lore was done justice. Irma (or the other famous name) had me begging for more.
    And once again the movie knew it's family friendliness value while also sparring some dark and may I add sadistic moments.

    I know this movie is far from the prime saga that we grew to love... But there are still 3 more movies. Try to stick around a bit longer.

  • vmsushi


     5 months ago

    Thanks for all your awesome reviews! Are you going to have a March vlog?

  • Neckbeard level5000

    Neckbeard level5000

     5 months ago

    More like "the crimes of JK Rowling"