Owner Calls POLICE ON STAFF For Asking For Their Paychecks! | Hotel Hell

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 19, 2018
  • Ridiculous.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/ZOI-pD1RuTE


  • Taps Ars

    Taps Ars

     2 hours ago +1

    Bloody *ock sucking whore . She cheats staff out of their dues and then files a police complaint on them ?!! What a piece of pig shit she is .

  • Jon Saltberry

    Jon Saltberry

     6 hours ago

    Man, thank God this woman isn't a politician.

  • Esatpircsnart


     14 hours ago

    As Ramsey hears about the restaurant owner's behavior, you can tell what's going through his mind - "I wonder if she's single?"

  • Larper Dixon

    Larper Dixon

     yesterday +3

    Ex employee: I’ve seen her reduce people to tears
    Gordon: Wow, that’s terrible.



  • Khadija Ghafoor

    Khadija Ghafoor

     yesterday +1

    Shes just a desi auntie. White people ain't used to this stuff lol you have to know how to deal with desi aunties. It's difficult for other races to handle em

  • Barby Lee

    Barby Lee

     yesterday +1

    I worked for a boss name Louise....just like her....they are everywhere. Called. Satan

  • Amanpreet Randhawa

    Amanpreet Randhawa

     yesterday +1

    The power of ownership got to Varindar's head. From making Butter chicken to cleaning toilets to cleaning dishes to etc etc etc at her own house now she can get others to do it

  • J Peterson

    J Peterson

     yesterday +3

    2:15 "shes mean and she can be a bully. I've seen her reduce people to tears."

    Gordon: "wow thats terrible :|"

  • Thomas Smith

    Thomas Smith

     yesterday +1

    Seems funny watching Ramsey say that is bad when he hears someone is abusive. Has he forgot his manners which he has none of.

  • DarKKnightt07


     2 days ago

    That evil witch needs to be shot like an animal.

  • Steve Butler

    Steve Butler

     2 days ago +1

    Leader vs Dictator. Most males do not like being insulted but insulted by a female is borderline impossible. Yet, those type of females never get it.

  • TheFrenchBoi Gaming

    TheFrenchBoi Gaming

     2 days ago

    This is what we call tyranny, and this is what we call a fucking dictator A.K.A a bitch

  • Naomi Beauchemin

    Naomi Beauchemin

     2 days ago

    I just wanna slap the bitch outta her . I'd never work for someone like her . Isnt illegal to not pay your staff why didnt the cops do anything when she called the police cause her staff wanted their paychecks .

  • lincoln ogumede

    lincoln ogumede

     2 days ago

    Rats like her need eradicated

  • julian brown

    julian brown

     2 days ago

    Smash her fuckin face pay up bitch

  • ChefCox


     3 days ago

    Daddy Gordon those arms wow

  • dkjsbiavrubdhd


     3 days ago +2

    Bloody hell

  • Zack Mavro

    Zack Mavro

     3 days ago

    How stupid are the cops who keep showing up and enforcing this dumb manager's crimes against her workers?

  • Ven K

    Ven K

     3 days ago +2

    It’s probably a sign when the next video to watch is Amy’s baking company

  • Nasty Boy

    Nasty Boy

     3 days ago +1

    How dare these employees expecting their paychecks on a timely fashion!