Winter & My Traumatic Skiing Trip

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  • Published on:  Monday, December 19, 2016
  • i could've used a title like "I FELL DOWN A MOUNTAIN AND COULD HAVE DIED *NOT CLICKBAIT*" but i didn't. you're welcome.

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    Music: Assembly Line Frustration by ionics

    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D I hope you don't get stuck on the top a mountain
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  • Leona Kwong

    Leona Kwong

     35 minutes ago

    In singapore it rains during xmest

  • Dzaki Rivals01 Racing

    Dzaki Rivals01 Racing

     46 minutes ago

    Jaiden is wrong not just arizona that doesnt have winter its my country indonesia

  • fresh gold

    fresh gold

     50 minutes ago

    Canada be like winter no snow summer really hot fall cold leafy spring wet rain

  • LittleLLAMA 123

    LittleLLAMA 123

     an hour ago

    When its December in the philippines all that happens is Wind and can anyone tell me if theres snow on indonesia ?

  • Tia Callas

    Tia Callas

     3 hours ago

    This Was A Funny Video :>

  • sylveon the fairy

    sylveon the fairy

     3 hours ago

    1:09 me to
    Me to...

    I love candles all the time
    Like ALL the time

  • thejose oz

    thejose oz

     3 hours ago +1


  • Wilson Robertson

    Wilson Robertson

     4 hours ago

    Why didn’t you go back down the lift

  • Dazzyls


     4 hours ago

    Seasons in the Netherlands

    Summer: An army of flies flies into your mouth every second you're on your bike
    Autumn: Every bit of weather tries to get you swept off your bike
    Winter: You're never going to feel your hands again when you get off your bike
    Spring: Nice... even on a bike

    ...except if you have hay fever

  • Pikachu Fan

    Pikachu Fan

     5 hours ago

    when i was 10 i was already a pro at skiing (12 years old now)

  • KidMasterPlayz


     8 hours ago


  • Juno Elegra

    Juno Elegra

     8 hours ago

    Welcome to Winnipeg here are are 4 seasons winter winter Sumer winter

  • samuel riendeau

    samuel riendeau

     9 hours ago

    "So I say bravo and tip of the hat to all you snow penguins" Jaiden Animations.
    Me: Lives in canada
    Me: Stays inside all of winter

  • Da roblox kid

    Da roblox kid

     10 hours ago

    My uncle lives Arizona I think he lives by that slanted circle

  • Zachary Nases

    Zachary Nases

     13 hours ago

    In Illinois theirs two season summer 110 degrees and winter -3 deegres

  • TH3_B3ST L3G1T

    TH3_B3ST L3G1T

     15 hours ago


  • Bubble Frost

    Bubble Frost

     19 hours ago

    I live in Holland so it is pretty cold in autumn and winter but we are pretty good with20 degrease but some days it is like 32 degrees that doesn’t look much but you need to know we haven’t had this it only came like two tree yours ago so in school we are early free

  • Andrew Leathers

    Andrew Leathers

     19 hours ago

    Sexist much? Just because a title has "man" in it, you hate it... Typical.

  • Chinese Discount

    Chinese Discount

     20 hours ago

    Fall or die

  • Tara Monahan

    Tara Monahan

     21 hours ago

    It’s hot in December where I live (Australia) and in winter we have no snow only on the hills 😥😥 it’s sad