How I Made an Ant Think It Was Dead—The Zombie Ant Experiment

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 15, 2018
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    In this video I show you how I made an ant think it was dead by putting a specific chemical on it that ants use to signal when they have died. This is how ants know to put the ants that have passed away into the ant graveyard.

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  • Kevin Lemos

    Kevin Lemos

     48 minutes ago

    Imagine waking up and thinking your dead so you just walk to the graveyard

  • BH Vaccxnt

    BH Vaccxnt

     2 hours ago

    It looked like the ant tried to kill him self

  • Demowan


     5 hours ago

    It doesn't actually think it's dead. It thinks that it smells like oleic acid, which it does, and that smell triggers a certain behaviour. I wonder if they are even aware of the concept of death.

  • GachaAdvice


     5 hours ago

    Dont Fucking Make Dead Ant If It Effects You Botch Im Gone

  • Sacred Oracle

    Sacred Oracle

     6 hours ago

    Sounds/looks like junk science to me.

  • mengiao


     6 hours ago

    youtube wont stop RECOMMENDING

  • Lauren Pederson

    Lauren Pederson

     6 hours ago

    Bring out ya dead..... I'm not dead yet.

  • Cheyenne nichole

    Cheyenne nichole

     9 hours ago

    i went from watching apple products to ants dying



     10 hours ago

    Allegedly dead ant: Hey guys I’m back from the graveyard! It turns out tha-

    Other ants: Yeah yeah we don’t care Jeff just get back to work!

  • Iluvecandii


     12 hours ago


  • Fimmel


     12 hours ago

    The ant must have told the ants about this. They must think that after death you just join the colony as a new ant

  • CondemnedEternal


     13 hours ago


  • Vanesst Mirza

    Vanesst Mirza

     15 hours ago

    The ants😡🐜 haha

  • 1000 subs With no videos

    1000 subs With no videos

     16 hours ago

    Ants are cute ❤️

  • some body u dont need to know

    some body u dont need to know

     16 hours ago

    Please dump all the oleiic acid in the farm

  • La ϟϟ

    La ϟϟ

     17 hours ago

    Are ants on amphetamine? 😂

  • kaji kaji

    kaji kaji

     18 hours ago

    Why is he talking like women?

  • promptis chocobo

    promptis chocobo

     18 hours ago

    I like how they keep reassuring that the ants aren't being harmed

  • kate hargreaves

    kate hargreaves

     18 hours ago

    Entomological salvia trip.

  • Muro


     19 hours ago

    "welp i'm dead, ques i'll go to burry my self"