Alexa Chung Learns How To Dress The French Way | ALEXACHUNG

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 11, 2019
  • I'm back my friends with the next installment in my Franglais series, where this week I call on the impeccable Camille Charriere who gives me some style tip on how to dress like a French woman...

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    Oh and yes I'm wearing an ALEXACHUNG jumper, and I named it the Frankenstein Knit!

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  • Suddenly Impossible

    Suddenly Impossible

     12 hours ago

    So charming - merci beaucoup!

  • gerlindelang


     19 hours ago +1

    the quintessential "french girl" is british: jane birkin.

  • Casey Kendl

    Casey Kendl


    Anyone know where Camille's navy overcoat is from ??

  • Tropicana Summerfields

    Tropicana Summerfields

     yesterday +1

    "I dont wear brand logos", pulls a sweater with a huge FILA logo one minute later...also, has a Dior bag with huge logo on it...

  • Couture Couture

    Couture Couture

     3 days ago

    Oh yeah of course every one can pretend this...never ever in your life :D 100 % she is British...and she is even lying with the more words to if..this saying does not exsist ...

  • Robin Black

    Robin Black

     3 days ago

    ugh i hate loose boots hahahaha pet peeeeaave

  • Chen Wang

    Chen Wang

     3 days ago

    That shiny boot looks like an American thing lol.

  • bazzmx


     3 days ago

    5:05 welcome to the world of raw denim

  • Esel Ohr

    Esel Ohr

     4 days ago

    goddess? are you blind? spiritually and also realistically. gosh emberassing.

  • grandcarriage1


     4 days ago

    This was fascinating and brilliant.

  • Shin Mon Latt

    Shin Mon Latt

     4 days ago +1

    French women go to the gym and they don't talk about it. Now that's a thing for me.

  • Carol Bedrosian

    Carol Bedrosian

     4 days ago

    YES to the concept of not wanting people to know where you got something, who you're wearing, so that they can go and get the same *&%^ thing & try to emulate your look! Hate that! I know someone who asks that all the time, and I used to tell her --- then she'd go out and get the same thing, and suddenly I didn't want to wear it any more, it was no longer unique. So now "I don't remember...I shop at so many different places..."

  • Es Dast

    Es Dast

     5 days ago

    You are the cutest

  • Emily Ruiz

    Emily Ruiz

     5 days ago

    Alexa I’m moving to France too!!! 🤣😍

  • C Rodrigues

    C Rodrigues

     5 days ago

    I love French Style!

  • emi arissa

    emi arissa

     5 days ago

    French people don't take off their shoes when coming in to the house?

  • Mary Helen Bowers

    Mary Helen Bowers

     5 days ago

    Learned SO MUCH xx

  • True Lies

    True Lies

     6 days ago

    Are you both transgender satanic puppets? ....... I thought so

  • Aedín lewis

    Aedín lewis

     6 days ago

    Does anyone know what brand was mentioned at 7.57 ?

  • Frieda


     6 days ago

    To my French Girls out there, you're still a magnificent French Beauty, even if you're not thin, if you're skin color is something else, if your hair are not straight, if you can't only afford cheap clothes and if you're leaving and dressing OUT LOUD.