Veterans And Peace Activists Seek To Find Common Ground

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  • Published on:  Sunday, December 10, 2017
  • War veterans and peace activists came together to see if they could understand one another. Despite differences of opinion, we all have more in common than we think. SUBSCRIBE for more! 👉 👈

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  • hey you! stalker

    hey you! stalker

     23 hours ago

    Just wasted my time .....

  • hey you! stalker

    hey you! stalker

     23 hours ago

    1:16 keep ur theory 4 urself biatch

  • Mahmoud Suhail

    Mahmoud Suhail


    Peace activists have the healthiest minds and hearts on earth.

  • LaRue Sensei

    LaRue Sensei

     3 days ago

    that asian girl so cute

  • Goth Wannabe

    Goth Wannabe

     3 days ago

    In order to achieve peace we must go to war right? i mean look at Iraq

  • gar field

    gar field

     3 days ago

    Anti-vax and pro-vax

  • Xendurr


     4 days ago +1

    Everlasting peace is something we will not be able to fathom. To get it, everyone must agree that peace is good but not everyone is like that. Peace is short-lived because violence can sometimes be a necessity, something to counteract another's violence. Of course, you can obtain it through war and violence but that just makes "obtaining peace" a necessary evil.

  • Anxrch


     4 days ago

    Why would you have to say “A culture in africa”? Like you could have used any other example but you’re that ignorant you had to reach for Africa😕

  • liam


     4 days ago

    he referred to all of them as soldiers... even the marine

  • Harrison Finnerman

    Harrison Finnerman

     4 days ago

    Great discussion, the guy with the beard on the peace activists side wasn’t trying to grow or have a discussion just wanted to hear himself talk

  • A_chilles ._.

    A_chilles ._.

     5 days ago

    Uhh I'm enlisting in the Coast Guard and my only obligation is to protect our shores and beaches and ad in search and rescue. Does that make me desensitized to killing?

  • Local Dreamer

    Local Dreamer

     5 days ago +1

    Ummmm ok so this was beautiful

  • socially inept spider-man

    socially inept spider-man

     5 days ago

    We wouldn't need people to be veterans if we had peace talks and agreements in the first place, we wouldn't have problems like isis if the past generation hadn't lied about "weapons of mass destruction", most terrorism comes from revenge because of what the west has done to the east

  • Aku Tenshi

    Aku Tenshi

     5 days ago

    If you lose you lose a lot
    If you win you lose a little less

  • BaldingBeast


     6 days ago

    We're designed to compete and fight for our lives, as nature intended. World peace just isn't possible so long as resources are finite.

  • What The

    What The

     7 days ago

    “I’m all for world peace, but I respect you for going to war and feel u have made the ultimate sacrifice”... it just shows when u put one of these cowards in front of a vet they change their opinion immediately.

  • Ann J

    Ann J

     7 days ago

    It would have been interesting to also hear from a older veteran from Vietnam or Korea and how they have reflected on that period of their life as more years have past

  • Tatsu XL

    Tatsu XL

     8 days ago

    People should be realistic, World Peace is never going to happen. There's no Good without Evil and there's no Peace without War.



     8 days ago

    War is wasting the taxpayers money and for what? Everyone says their fighting for our freedom, no freedom was won way before some of us were born. There is no need for us to go to war just because you think we should it's the other countries problem to deal with we have our own problems to deal with, you're just killing your own citizens when you send troops overseas. They come back with PTSD and flip out on any little thing and can't go back to living a normal life and some end up killing themselves cause they can't take it anymore. I know I've experienced it first hand my uncle who was a SG. in the army who was in the Desert Storm war has PTSD and is all messed up in the head, medical problems. War is not the answer fix your own country before fixing another.

  • Goncalo Coteriano

    Goncalo Coteriano

     8 days ago

    Ami is hot!