Baldi's Basics FIELD TRIP

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 26, 2018
  • BALDI IS BACK!! But this time we're going out of the school... this is just a demo for the upcoming FULL GAME of Baldi's Basics! Check out the kickstarter below!
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  • ShamericaPlayz


     14 hours ago +1

    wow i will play and download that game right now! "GGGEETT TOOOUUUUTTT WELLLL YOUUUU STILLLL CANNNNNN!!!!" lol..

  • Hunter Dalehite

    Hunter Dalehite


    LET'S GO CAMPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rainbow Cat Gamer

    Rainbow Cat Gamer



  • Amari/Alanna Brown

    Amari/Alanna Brown



  • Fergboy Rossgerson

    Fergboy Rossgerson

     3 days ago

    I wanna Baldi game where you go to school, and you have reasonable problems that you can answer, and it has periods. Get to class, if you’re late, you get after school detention. You have math for three minutes, if you get a problem wrong, baldi kills you. It’s stuff you can answer like division, algebra, etc. You move on to recess, you go out the door and get on the bus, after a certain amount of days you move grades. It would be a real educational simulator.

  • Noelle B

    Noelle B

     4 days ago +1

    Mark:**collects fire wood**
    Baldi: WooOoOOOooOoOOooOoOw
    Me: lol Owen Wilson

  • Dankstar the dankest

    Dankstar the dankest

     5 days ago

    Mark: man i love the oompahs of this song
    Marks mind: SAVE ME

  • Aquarius


     5 days ago


  • Sakaki Yuya

    Sakaki Yuya

     7 days ago


  • Celso Hilario

    Celso Hilario

     7 days ago

    It me TEM

  • Ninja


     9 days ago

    2:11 is that what I think it is?

  • Militant Caduceus

    Militant Caduceus

     10 days ago

    W O W

  • Leah Spell

    Leah Spell

     11 days ago

    Put him in a fire!

  • bedspirit


     11 days ago


  • bedspirit


     11 days ago

    baldis slaping ASS RULERS

  • Jeff Woods

    Jeff Woods

     12 days ago

    Im sorry but who would raise money for this piece of shit DX

  • Dr.Dabagh Mohsen

    Dr.Dabagh Mohsen

     12 days ago

    U worst youtuber

  • eevee kun

    eevee kun

     13 days ago


  • griffin king

    griffin king

     13 days ago

    He needs to make a video for the field trip with all the other characters

  • Distinct [GD]

    Distinct [GD]

     13 days ago