i tested EVERY KARDASHIAN PRODUCT so you don't have to (trust me u don't)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 27, 2019
  • Hey guys whats up its Savannah welcome back to my channel! Today I did something a lil different- I tested every Kardashian product on the market right now and boy was I shook. Let me know in the comments below if you like watching videos like this and let me know what other videos you want to see from me! I'll be back in a couple days xox

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  • Savannah Brymer

    Savannah Brymer

     a months ago +2254

    for everyone questioning the window- my room is in the basement!!!! the window acts as a fire escape/decorative window and there is a rock wall behind it which is why it’s always dark outside through that window. we can all relax now.

  • jessie funkhouser

    jessie funkhouser

     3 hours ago

    dude i guesssss homegirlll does not like kylee makeup "ALL THE BEAUITY GRUS R THRIVING JAMES CHARLES WHOOOOO

  • Julia Balasco

    Julia Balasco

     3 hours ago

    before you go in with bronzer or blush or anything make sure you set everywhere with your face powder first. lightly touch your cheeks to feel that it’s set with powder, you can tell by lightly touching if you can feel the foundation still. in this case you probably didn’t set it properly leaving it to be “wet” still, so when you went in with a brush and bronzer you pulled the foundation up and moved it around leaving it to come off.

  • Adina Spurlock

    Adina Spurlock

     11 hours ago

    Any small YouTubers want to grow together ??????????? LIKE & COMMENT

  • Rie Manaway

    Rie Manaway

     12 hours ago

    I used to love Kylie's brand but lately as I try new makeup I realize she focuses more on the packaging instead of the quality. Kim's lipsticks are pigmented and TO DIE FOR!! But Kylie's high gloss and Highlighters are my favorite

  • Nikki Grace Worth

    Nikki Grace Worth

     17 hours ago +1

    You Forgot:

  • Q Nguyen

    Q Nguyen

     22 hours ago

    no tea no shade but kylie’s products are really good, you’re just using it wrong. i don’t wear foundation on my whole face often (usually just my t-zone) but when i do and i use her bronzer, i have no problem. it might’ve been your brush since i find that her bronzer works better with a fluffier brush rather than a dense one. i use a wet n wild contour brush from the dollar store and it works fine. the jelly highlighter was suppose to go on before the foundation i’m p sure. also, highlighters usually accentuate my bumps if i have any. i find that wetter highlighters do that the most so i just stick to powder or the colourpop ones

  • Teah Cobey

    Teah Cobey


    You didn’t talk about the bra and underwear

  • Kaitlyn Stanfield

    Kaitlyn Stanfield


    I’m just here to say all of the kardashian/Jenners are talentless not just kourtney

  • hayley s

    hayley s


    i don’t do makeup but i could tell sum was wrong with the way she did it during the kylie part

  • Bianca Heymans

    Bianca Heymans


    Your subscribers are so freaking judgemental omg, leave her alone people. 🙄

  • Lilrownie



    But why is it pitch black outside in the middle of the day?? ⁉️

  • Jessica Graf

    Jessica Graf


    Your comment about the colour of the toothbrush 🤣🤣🤣

  • Milan Zendejas

    Milan Zendejas

     2 days ago

    It’s your brushes and beauty blender.
    You have to clean your brushes/blender EVERYTIME you apply your makeup.
    Who has time for that....I GET IT.
    However, you have previous products with different ingredients that may not mesh well with Kylie’s cosmetics products.

  • 몬테 팔코아비가일

    몬테 팔코아비가일

     2 days ago +1

    "Hi how are we?" Really your gonna copy jefreestar?!

  • Michelle Alcantara

    Michelle Alcantara

     2 days ago

    Ok but like what lashes are you wearing?

  • Razia Cotton

    Razia Cotton

     2 days ago


  • Bailey Pape

    Bailey Pape

     2 days ago

    The way your eye twitched every time you said KKW Beauty had me cracking up 🤣 really enjoyed this review. Felt it was super authentic and honest.

  • Srna Mrdja

    Srna Mrdja

     2 days ago

    Kylies is really good its just you didnt put it on well



     2 days ago

    Why is it 234pm or 314pm and its dark as shit outside?? R u in Alaska?