Fort Jackson Shakedown at Basic Training

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 15, 2017
  • Take a look inside basic combat training at Fort Jackson. If you have questions, reach out to us:
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  • PhantomSavage

     11 months ago

    So.. what I take away from this is.. just don't bring anything to basic.

  • Old pop WiggleWeiner

     18 hours ago

    Lee Vegeta an eight ball or an eighth of an Oz is 3.54 grams of anything. Coke speed or heroin even weed. The more you know

  • Abraham Bautista


    Hahaha I Went With The Clothes On My Backk And Still Ended Up With Too Much Shit.

  • Jessica Crowley

     1 months ago

    i remember this day like it was yesterday 😂 took my whole new pack of cigs and congratulated me on quitting lol

  • Synergy Alert


    Jessica Crowley usmc boot camp is so much worse

  • Roll n' Rye

     3 days ago

    @hardrokrulzjj hopefully quietly and privately. anything other're gay. lol

  • Darrrell Dayton

     1 months ago

    Drill srgt: If you have any hopes and dreams, put it in the bin.

  • Raymond James

     5 days ago

    This includes women, men, fortune, fantasy, if you have any of that.....put it in the bin.

  • Riley Raine

     6 days ago


  • templer46

     8 days ago

    My first stop in the Army 1981 was Ft Jackson. After three days, I thought this Army stuff was fun. The forth day, buses arrived and took us to Ft. Benning, that's when the fun ended.

  • Abraham Bautista


    Ft. Benning.!!!! I Went To Ft. Benning.

  • Gunther Hermann

     4 days ago

    Good Ol' Relaxin' Jackson. Fooled many a man.

  • You Tuber

     19 days ago

    Hahaha they said "females keep the birth control" all the men were like "Thank you".

  • DDB

     1 years ago

    This drill sergeant is firm but not over the top. He doesn't abuse his power but still conveys his message clearly. I like this guy..

  • brandon heidecker

     2 days ago

    @Enthusiastic Gamer ahhhh basic training at ft jackson. My DI's name was Ortega. That mean little cuban could yell!!

  • William Villa

     3 days ago

    J Kooc The Guard ain’t tough enough, not even in the 90’s.

  • H R

     22 days ago

    I was hoping someone would have dropped a glock in the first bin

  • Synergy Alert


    My dad is a drill instructor for the usmc he told me a guy brought a 1911 and got smoked for it

  • Brian Lillquist

     7 days ago

    Brian Cuddy “no brass no ammo” drill sergeant!!

  • Heru- deshet

     23 days ago

    All I took to boot camp were the clothes on my back, wallet and a nail clipper. They kept the nail clipper.

  • Heru- deshet

     2 days ago

    @Stephen Miller Fair skies and calm waters to you, brother. Keep steady and pay attention to everything and you'll be fine.

  • Stephen Miller

     2 days ago

    @Heru- deshet I ship in Oct

  • switch2kryptonite

     9 days ago

    Can't believe I spent 13 min watching this thinking something would happen.

  • Lyon Acutt

     20 hours ago

    I got your kryptonite

  • Jonathan Robertson

     2 days ago

    “Relaxin’ Jackson” is what they called it when I went through. That it was.

  • Mark Lang

     1 months ago

    I dont remember my experience being this pleasant. Wtf!🤦‍♂️

  • Synergy Alert


    Look at any marine showdown u get smoked insanely from the second you arrive