i infiltrated a group of hackers on 2k19 and got caught trying...

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 24, 2018
  • Tuesday night I decided to enlist in some boosting services on NBA 2K19. Going undercover as an agent to catch theses boosters in the act.
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/ZYC3RUny7r8


  • Jamal Huntley

    Jamal Huntley



  • fearomar


     3 days ago

    Fat ass snitch

  • gaze j

    gaze j

     4 days ago

    Lookes like you haven sleep in 10 years

  • Basketball.hod24 King

    Basketball.hod24 King

     5 days ago

    Aye if someone tells agent he was boosting he can say it was a video

  • Izayah Mercedes

    Izayah Mercedes

     7 days ago


  • almightyIrie


     7 days ago

    these guys suck but aren't haxing... if you wanna see the real shit you gotta try the PC version, i'm talking 90lbs 3pt shooting guards brick walling(!) 230lbs centers, 50ovr breaking 97ovr ankles repeatedly etc etc. not even going into the 3meter arms and whatnot like here.. 2K doesn't give a shit about PC at all (didn't buy 2k20 because of that same bs year after year)

  • Perci Val

    Perci Val

     7 days ago

    Ironically, those people cater to youtubers so that they can have good content on their channels

  • Bvnshee


     14 days ago

    “Takeover go crazy”💀💀

  • broly sama

    broly sama

     14 days ago +3

    6:28 the entire court dipped. Ive never seen something like that happen on nba 2k

  • Starlos Tv

    Starlos Tv

     14 days ago

    Yo you didn't sign a contract but you're being 2k police lol you went undercover on 2k...if you don't get paid by them you're not only a rat but a dumb rat this was wild

  • Kodaa


     14 days ago

    “good try”

  • Lucas Meldrum

    Lucas Meldrum

     14 days ago

    You wearing make up on those eyes or what

  • Ballin Ball

    Ballin Ball

     21 days ago

    10:06 had me dying bro😂😂😂

  • Jj Jj

    Jj Jj

     21 days ago

    Damn agent is so fuckin smart!

  • chilldaonly 1

    chilldaonly 1

     21 days ago

    This nigga just look like he used to tell on everybody is u the FBI

  • VloneBrazy


     21 days ago

    Snitchnine is that you 👀👀👀

  • Holden Haigh

    Holden Haigh

     21 days ago

    Yooo my Ps4 was 400 dollars with Spider-Man and Nba2k20 but dang that account for 450

  • Yeah Devin

    Yeah Devin

     28 days ago

    Agent that's kinda fucked up they sound pretty genuine and at least they bot scamming they got they own hustle and helping other people out you didn't have to go put your way to expose them.

  • Obesity Josh

    Obesity Josh

     a months ago

    “ oh no” 😂

  • Cxncepts


     a months ago