Won a storage room auction for $400 found a safe I had to see what’s inside opening a safe

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 15, 2018
  • This video is about My Movie 6
  • Source: https://youtu.be/ZYha98WygYE


  • Beretta96Dan


     7 days ago

    This reminds me of Geraldo Rivera's Al Capone secret room! Lol!



     7 days ago

    does this guy live in that blue bus with all the garbage bags near the back of it?

  • Larry Lightner

    Larry Lightner

     14 days ago +1

    Should have used a die grinder on the sidewall

  • ibbano1


     21 days ago

    Deceiving picture

  • joe selzer

    joe selzer

     21 days ago

    said all junk accept the stamps and the key so i guess the dollar was junk too

  • The Dude

    The Dude

     21 days ago

    AWARD for the most boring shit on Youtube!

  • Karey Riggs

    Karey Riggs

     21 days ago

    Safecracker you ain't dude

  • Chad Crader

    Chad Crader

     21 days ago

    You can open that without destroying it. Takes a few seconds

  • James Thomson

    James Thomson

     28 days ago

    I agree

  • Kevin Seigneurie

    Kevin Seigneurie

     28 days ago

    Why wouldn’t you save the safe for crying out loud! Pry worth 400 or more!

  • browser wowser

    browser wowser

     1 months ago

    fucking clickbait

  • ripem m

    ripem m

     1 months ago

    When u say won does that just mean u paid the most amount of money,how's that winning.i thin

  • Geraldine Pebdani

    Geraldine Pebdani

     1 months ago

    Please send all those personal things to that person. If they are dead his/her relatives would appreciate it

  • Beauty of New York

    Beauty of New York

     1 months ago

    Nothing in said

  • Desiree Mettille-Schenkel

    Desiree Mettille-Schenkel

     1 months ago

    Safe probably worth more then what’s inside 😂🤣

  • August


     1 months ago

    a large magnetic would have saved you the safe and a lot of time

  • Michael Masters

    Michael Masters

     1 months ago

    You can open those with a strong magnet

  • Jack Black

    Jack Black

     1 months ago

    I bought unit in Sarasota for $60 in 2006...I was 1 of 5 people there...we weren't allowed to see inside the units. I bought the smallest locker. I hit the JACKPOT!!! Inside was a mint condition 1979 Yamaha rd 400 f Daytona special motorcycle. Among the papers was the title. I sold it for $4500!! There was $3700 in gold, $1500 in silver and jewelry worth $17000!!!! AND...are you ready???...an original Picasso!!!!!! I still have it and it hangs on my wall....I pick and buy units full time now!!!

  • Dell Johnson

    Dell Johnson

     2 months ago

    There was a mint condition MING VASE IN SIDE WORTH $400,000.00 intill you rolled it around,flooped it over etc. BTW Heqs lucky sime cops didnt drive up and kill him in the act of being a safe robber..it happens these day

  • Martha Skorpanich

    Martha Skorpanich

     2 months ago

    N. Bb