Zion Williamson VS LaMelo Ball!!! LIVEST Game Of The Year Full Highlights!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 27, 2017
  • This had to be the craziest AAU environment I've ever been apart of. It was standing room only 3 hours before the game started. Two thousand people were turned away. There was even an incident that were hundreds of people broke down doors and rushed into the venue. There was even rumors floating around that LeBron and his son were encourage to stay away due to the chaos. Lavar being Lavar took a bathroom break during the middle of the game.

    SC Supreme won over Big Baller Brand
    LaMelo had 36pts, 9asts and 6 rebs and Zion had 31 pts and 8 rebs

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/ZcGlf7EZ-vU


  • MeetMeAtTheRim


     2 years ago +1774

    SC Supreme won over Big Baller Brand
    LaMelo had 36pts, 9asts and 6 rebs and Zion had 31 pts and 8 rebs

  • H.K_ A

    H.K_ A

     50 minutes ago

    Lamelo’s legs and arms look like a 8 year olds leg and arm

  • ReDew OG

    ReDew OG

     22 hours ago

    Game was dead as fuck

  • Ahmed Alam

    Ahmed Alam


    Somebody draft number 2 too from Zion team

  • Benjamin Galego

    Benjamin Galego


    U can hear Lavar in the background

  • Flosslikeaboss12


     2 days ago

    Zion: blinks

    Crowed: ayyyyyyyyyy

  • Tactical Bloo

    Tactical Bloo

     2 days ago

    Bro this game was the most unfair thing I have ever seen lol. Those kids were so much different in size

  • No Name

    No Name

     3 days ago

    This dudes are so overrated..

  • Bitter Buffalo

    Bitter Buffalo

     3 days ago

    Zion is the future

  • Anton


     7 days ago +1

    LeBron vs curry

  • Analog Digital

    Analog Digital

     7 days ago

    Zions a man. Cant say the same for other one

  • Zach Rogers

    Zach Rogers

     7 days ago

    Big ballers would be a really good team if they had a solid 6'9 ish center. They have no one tall on there team

  • Drag4n123


     7 days ago

    lamelo running SHIT 🤣🤣 HIS LEEEGS DUDEEE

  • GawdCustomz


     14 days ago

    Zion bigger now

  • King Farouk

    King Farouk

     14 days ago

    Poor Kid

  • Jeferson


     14 days ago

    os cara do time de preto é mt pesado, o time do LaMelo tudo magrinho, leva no peito os cara.

  • Think_About_It


     14 days ago +6

    Interviewer: how many warm up dunks will you do?
    Zion: yes

  • AD ventures

    AD ventures

     14 days ago

    Lamelo is trash lol

  • late bloomer

    late bloomer

     14 days ago

    Nice hair melo jello bean ! Lol ! Someone should tell these clowns how stupid they look !! Lol !!

  • Arthur Williams

    Arthur Williams

     14 days ago +1

    I want to see LaMelo play in the NBA