CHINESE Street Food! Exploring CHINATOWN in Jakarta Indonesia Food Tour

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 20, 2018
  • I LOVE Chinese food and wherever I go in the world it's fun to see how Chinese food is adapted in the local region. In this video, I went to Indonesia's LARGEST Chinatown in Jakarta and was blown away by the food!

    I first stopped for some yummy noodles at Bakmi Amoy and got some of the tastiest noodles paired with a giant fried meatball.
    Then it's on for some coffee and cut up pork!

    1. Pancoran Glodok (Chinatown)
    •Bakmi Amoy ( Noodles. Fried meatball )
    •Kopi Es TakKie (iced coffee)
    Gang Gloria, Glodok, Jl. Pintu Besar Selatan III No.4-6, RT.7/RW.6, Pinangsia, Tamansari, Kota Jakarta Barat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 11120
    •Sekba (every imaginable part of pork soup)
    Located in front of above coffee shop.
    •Chandra Taman Makan (food court : seafood fried rice (Daun Hijau). Mixed kwetiao soup. Hainanese Mix rice with assorted pork meat.

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  • Nanda Widya

    Nanda Widya

     7 days ago

    I dont eat pork but boii your explaination makes me an expert of it

  • Seini Tuifuaivaha

    Seini Tuifuaivaha

     14 days ago

    I am starving

  • Archipel Brouwerij NV

    Archipel Brouwerij NV

     1 months ago

    Indonesia is a straight heaven for food lovers if hygiene weren't an issue..

  • Erna Wati

    Erna Wati

     1 months ago

    Try to have others than those wantan, mee, baozi because lots of others in Indonesia. Example gado gado satay nasi padang soto enzzz.....

  • KiNG jAWBo

    KiNG jAWBo

     1 months ago

    That pork plate did not look good lol but everything else did

  • Katie Lynn

    Katie Lynn

     2 months ago +3


  • Catharine Foster

    Catharine Foster

     3 months ago

    Anything is better with hot sauce

  • Ikhsan Muhammad

    Ikhsan Muhammad

     3 months ago

    Are you Jackie Chan?

  • ronnie reynaldo

    ronnie reynaldo

     3 months ago

    That so it

  • Abel Salo

    Abel Salo

     3 months ago

    Hello, I'm new in your YouTube chain and I love what the you have in the world of FOOD !!!

  • Pang Chu Vun Chu Vun Pang

    Pang Chu Vun Chu Vun Pang

     3 months ago +1

    May I know where is the location please? Thank you!

  • elia de niro

    elia de niro

     3 months ago


  • elia de niro

    elia de niro

     3 months ago

    🚧🚏☣️🇮🇩☣️🚏🚧silalahi radja tarombo , jln gabus 2, perumnas 2 kayuringin jaya, bekasi-selatan, indonesia.🚧 🚏☢️🇮🇩☢️🚏🚧 Chinese Food 🚧🚨🚧🚦 G.30.S/P.K.I 🚧🚨🚧🚦🚧

  • Abel Wang

    Abel Wang

     4 months ago

    Ahhh Chinese Food.. Its make me crazy when i ate that!!

  • rahel vilena

    rahel vilena

     4 months ago

    You must eat mpek2 at Chandra's hawkers

  • Kenny Sastro

    Kenny Sastro

     5 months ago

    Its a pity you’re not coming to WONG FU KIE, BAKMI AYAM PECAMKE AHONG, KARI LAM & OYSTER OMELETTE in the Chandra Foodcourt and not the least the KUO TIE! when visiting the chinatown Glodok!

  • PG Diecast Customworkz

    PG Diecast Customworkz

     5 months ago

    You killing me dude

  • Andre Kurnia Putra

    Andre Kurnia Putra

     5 months ago

    i am dying as an Indonesian that live outside the country

  • mayena


     5 months ago


  • Ben TheKeeshond

    Ben TheKeeshond

     5 months ago

    I watched a lot of your videos and understand that they are into foods from around the world. However, when it is Indonesia, I can't help but have to bring this up. I believe the Chinese from Indonesia are mainly from the province of Fujian. Hard-working and business-minded people but face tremendous discrimination. There are laws specifically set up to discriminate and prohibit the local Chinese population from doing just about everything. The defenseless Indonesian Chinese population periodically subjected to mob attacks. Police forces won't show up after a few days of looting, arsons, rapes, murders, and most likely with the approval from the Indonesian government. There was a picture, 1998, of a man holding the severed head of a local Chinese child but the Indonesian government didn't even try to locate that murderer.