Film Theory: Movie Sonic is BEST Sonic! (Sonic The Hedgehog 2019)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 23, 2019
  • Get yourself some NEW Spring Theory Wear!! ► Sonic in the new live-action movie is the BEST interaction of the blue hedgehog we've had yet! At least, when it comes to his speed. For all the complaints being leveled at this movie about it's Sonic design and possible plot problems, this is the best showing of Sonic's true speed that we have EVER seen. Over on Game Theory, I've talked in LENGTH about Sonic and his unbelievable abilities and now we have come full circle. Today, we PROVE that movie Sonic is the BEST Sonic!SUBSCRIBE for More Film Theory! ► #SonicMovie #SonicTrailer #SonicTheHedgehog #Sonic2019 #Theory #FilmTheory #Matpat Need Royalty Free Music for your Content? Try Epidemic Sound.Get Your 30 Day Free Trial Now ► FILM THEORIESThanos Was RIGHT! ► Ant Man's GIANT Problem ► is DEAD! ►►'s Ant-Man Could KILL Us All! ►► Deadpool WRITE Deadpool?!? ► Credits:Writer: Matthew PatrickEditors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, BanditRants, and Koen VerhagenAssistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazySound Editor: Yosi BermanSources:
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  • The sandwich

     28 days ago

    **sees title**You're brave, aren't you?!

  • Trent Radovcich

     6 days ago

    Who? Matpat?

  • Hamza Mirza

     6 days ago

    *sees name*My hangry stomach:can I eat you?

  • Ryan Byhre

     17 days ago

    Everyone: Sonic is badMatPat: well yes but actually no

  • fairymairah

     3 days ago

    Good guys are Villians revealed ! ? ! ?

  • BlueWarrior

     11 days ago

    Sonic fans: where’s tails?Paramount: uh....MeowEdit: knuckles and Amy credit to captain thimble

  • Captain thimble

     2 days ago

    And. Knuckles and. Amy

  • Fastthunder009 Games

     3 days ago

    Honestly deserves more likes

  • The Screenslaver

     9 days ago

    “Hold my chili dog.” -Film Theory 2019

  • Layla Galaxy

     16 days ago

    Sonic: the movie is awesome! There’s just one issue...*Sonic*

  • Curtis LeBlanc

     8 days ago

    It has only one problem:It is the way it is.

  • layla harris

     11 days ago

    Layla Galaxy we have the same name

  • A Guy Who Makes Videos

     27 days ago


  • Jimmy Domingo

     2 hours ago

    @Hessong Williamson maybe its looks like 1000 because of his perspective

  • D Dragon Emperor

     2 days ago


  • Trey Fontenet

     11 days ago

    *Lightning McQueen:* "I am speed"*Sonic:* "Can I speak to a manager?"*Dart:* "I'm about to end y'all career

  • PandaAnimated

     11 days ago

    I have a video for that comment

  • Ember

     17 days ago

    Jeff Fowler:Matpat: Im about to help this man's career

  • turtleneck112 1

     2 days ago

    whole career*

  • Blue.

     9 days ago

    Sonic: *Dodges 100s' of missiles*tranquilizer dart: *I'm about to end this whole mans career*

  • Lemonade NOT EDIBLE

     50 minutes ago

    Robin Woosherlin stfu what someone said that to u and u were from a foreign country

  • Robin Woosherlin

     2 days ago

    Great grammar

  • GalaxyGirlGamerYT

     3 days ago

    Producers: *watches video* yeah we totally did all this research and stuff we're smart