What is The Dark Web? Why Can't it be Shut Down?

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 9, 2019
  • The internet is a beautifully disturbing place as we know it, just that, what a lot of us know to be the internet, only composes roughly 4% of the World Wide Web. This Is known as the clear web, and it’s where we’re all on right now. Pages that you’re able to find on Google and other search engines and that you can access directly from your search. But Under the clear net you can find the deep web, and deeper than that, we have the dark web. But what is the dark web? Why hasn’t it been taken down if it’s as scary as it sounds? And why should regular people like you and me, (who don’t operate on the dark net) be aware of what it is?
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  • Tommy Millett

    Tommy Millett

     7 months ago +12030

    This youtube channel is going to be big.

  • smaz eleu

    smaz eleu


    why should you erase the dark web? because some goverment says so? who the fuck are they? fuck you

  • Randeh


     2 days ago

    Wait... they sell college degrees? Guess I'm goin' in boiz

  • Sonnequa Madonia

    Sonnequa Madonia

     2 days ago

    By the military? No wonder they haven shut it down😒

  • XRAY Papa-Bear

    XRAY Papa-Bear

     3 days ago

    Enable dark mode , experience dark web

  • Khalid Alaa

    Khalid Alaa

     4 days ago

    I can see that every single thing we saw on movies or tv-series about internet like controlling our lives, hacking, stealing and other bad stuff; seems to be true in real life. SCARY as f

  • The gaming Robots Budys

    The gaming Robots Budys

     4 days ago

    This might sound fake but it’s not:

    So I was bored so me and my friend went on the Dark Web (We’re stupid) and we were searching up silly stuff such as The Krabby Patty Formula or Fortnite V-Bucks Hack but then we found this while browsing: Humans for sale. Since we were stupid we clicked on it and immediately our computer got hacked and on the screen it said ‘Leave or die. This is a warning’ and then we freaked out so we bashed with a mallet and changed our IP Address with a VPN. I never used the dark web again....

  • daisy white

    daisy white

     4 days ago

    is anyone else worried that their future new born baby might be misplaced with someone else’s in the hospital OR WORST OF ALL SOME EVIL PERSON TAKES IT AND SELLS IT

  • ola kede

    ola kede

     5 days ago +1

    Plot Twist: The Dark Web is Area51.com

  •  7 days ago

    Did you get this from the president

  • Enya Epps

    Enya Epps

     7 days ago

    I bet they never run out of milk for cereal on the dark web

  • elle415


     7 days ago

    She's one of the best narrator's I've ever heard .Wow.......extremely informative. Well done.

  • Lenagdyfigpkhh; Mossuto

    Lenagdyfigpkhh; Mossuto

     7 days ago

    Is there a deep you tube

  • Versatile people

    Versatile people

     7 days ago +1

    Plz tell the name of the music used in this video

  • Jorge Granados

    Jorge Granados

     7 days ago

    Hell ya

  • Master Piece

    Master Piece

     7 days ago

    2019: Dark Web

    3030: Dank Web

    4040: 666666.com

  • Lethal Doses

    Lethal Doses

     7 days ago +1

    A very dark way to hack roblox accounts.

  • JTR


     14 days ago +1

    Her voice is so relaxing idc she’s talking abt scary stuff lmao

  • Jeff McDuffie

    Jeff McDuffie

     14 days ago

    I bet Hillary's 33,000 emails are on it.

  • Edgardo Amoros

    Edgardo Amoros

     14 days ago

    Dark Web= Impossible