Update on Maineprepper Oct 2 2016

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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 2, 2016
  • Just got finished texting with him.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/_-hcnOghWpQ


  • Laura Huggins

    Laura Huggins

     4 days ago

    I haven't heard anything about him in a couple years how is he doing? This veteran's day it made me think of him.

  • Derek L

    Derek L

     1 months ago

    Any current update on MP?

  • Timothy Davis

    Timothy Davis

     4 months ago

    Thinking on this July 4 about a lot of things MainePrepper has talked about. Any updates?

  • Tristain Beckel

    Tristain Beckel

     4 months ago +1

    Is the Maine prepper still doing alright? Thanks.

  • Givin er eh

    Givin er eh

     4 months ago

    I never got to finish his book..

  • CNumb1969


     5 months ago

    Is he still with us? I so mis his wealth of knowledge in his videos.

  • amber l

    amber l

     6 months ago +1

    is there a maine prepper update? tell him we still remember and miss him.

  • robert de la mare

    robert de la mare

     7 months ago

    Is the main Prepper still live

  • jabman549


     7 months ago +1

    any updates on MP?

  • Joanna MaGrath

    Joanna MaGrath

     9 months ago

    Have been thinking of Maineprepper for a long time. He has been on my prayer list. Something came up and his channel popped up. How is he doing? Thank you.

  • dustang05


     10 months ago

    Hope Maine prepper is still doing ok. Starting thinking of him again. Please put out a current update of him. Hope your family id doing well. Prayers to you both.

  • Chris Costa

    Chris Costa

     11 months ago

    Thinking about MP today. I pray for his health and spirit.

  • Kevin


     a years ago

    Is he ever coming back?

  • Toney Bowen

    Toney Bowen

     a years ago

    I often think of Maineprepper and hope only the very best for him. Is he still doing o.k.?

  • Donny Brasco

    Donny Brasco

     a years ago

    How is Maineprepper? :( I hope hes okay. Prayers to him.

  • The Promised Land: Freedom From Abuse

    The Promised Land: Freedom From Abuse

     a years ago

    You probably still get a lot of questions about Maine Prepper... praying!

  • dougbass654


     a years ago

    Any more updates?

  • elevendebraeleven2


     a years ago

    Can you PLEASE update us on the status of Maineprepper? He's an awesome guy who put out such informative & much needed videos. It's been a long time since anyone has talked about him...it's really a shame because I believe his videos helped many. I pray he's doing well & in better health.

  • Fuentes Artist

    Fuentes Artist

     a years ago

    Just wondering maybe some more updates on Main prepper

  • Craig Pruett

    Craig Pruett

     a years ago

    Any update?