The Matrix Reloaded-Freeway Chase

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 26, 2009
  • The Matrix Reloaded-Freeway Chase.Music by Juno Reactor and Don Davis-Mona Lisa Overdrive
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  • Prophet 111

    Prophet 111

     3 years ago +397

    2:20 you all came here for it... Da Da...Data da da da...da data data da

  • ToxicThe HeroHedgehog

    ToxicThe HeroHedgehog

     2 years ago +317

    "You said to avoid the freeway."
    "Yes, I did."
    "You said that it was suicide."
    "Then..let us hope..I was wrong."

  • N96 adawi

    N96 adawi

     3 years ago +133

    makes me wanna drive against the traffic with a ducati ..............

  • Mahmoud Eid Abd El-Hafiz Abd El-lahi

    Mahmoud Eid Abd El-Hafiz Abd El-lahi

     2 years ago +305

    This soundtrack stimulates muscle growth.

  • GeneticAlgorithm11111001000


     3 years ago +396

    Taking a ride on Trinity's back... the happiest locksmith in the world....

  • Anno Domini

    Anno Domini

     2 years ago +122

    Don't listen to this while driving.. ;)

  • Ondřej Ryska

    Ondřej Ryska

     a years ago +47

    The professor announces the last minute to finish your exam
    4:41 - writing as much as possible

  • Owenboy360


     2 years ago +213

    2:20 when you narrowly miss the school bus and you start chasing it

  • ShogunV


     3 years ago +135

    I played this soundtrack while driving on the highway once. Started giving nearby drivers sinister looks. Felt like I wanna jump on their car to hijack it

  • Kevin Lumoindong

    Kevin Lumoindong

     5 years ago +305

    2:20 brush your teeth while listening to it..

  • V8Arwing92


     5 years ago +105

    This always needs to play when you get a $9000 bounty on GTA V Online. XD

  • Fred Lindalen

    Fred Lindalen

     3 years ago +78

    Agent smith should been a ginger, do you know why ? cus we look 10 times more creepy.

  • Shawn Mcfadden

    Shawn Mcfadden

     3 years ago +168

    Perfect music for the ENTIRE chase scene!!!You said to avoid the freeway.Yes I did.You said it was suicide.Then let us hope, I was wrong.

  • Beckie Jane Brown

    Beckie Jane Brown

     5 years ago +60

    2:19 is where this starts for me :D
    4:27/4:41 - BOOYAH! <3.

  • MegaRazorback


     a years ago +34

    "We are getting aggravated...." "Yes we are...."

  • Georgios Drakopoulos

    Georgios Drakopoulos

     2 years ago +116

    198 agents dislike this song

  • Jesus


     a years ago +32

    2:20 and 4:42 and 7:42
    Whether you admit it or not, that's why u came.

  • B4RT4S


     5 years ago +14

    Mona Lisa Overdrive... :)

  • EKWA


     3 years ago +23

    this is the best action time in the world ! and the soundtrack is just perfect

  • Ghost Pants

    Ghost Pants

     9 months ago +17

    Play this at your funeral to come back to life