Golf Tips- Jim McLean Impact Lesson

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 18, 2010
    "Learn everything about Jim McLean's Step 6 in the golf swing. Impact is the most important position in the golf swing.
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  • vimal Mittal

    vimal Mittal

     8 months ago

    How about driver and hybrid clubs at impact?

  • Michael Andersen

    Michael Andersen

     a years ago

    Make a 3 days golf camp in Bangkok please

  • J


     a years ago

    Straight rip of the The Golfing Machine Like every other teacher! # 1 imperative flat left wrist. Building block is nothing more than homer Kelly's basic motion, acquired motion, then total motion! Smh

  • Doc Riley

    Doc Riley

     a years ago

    Swing the handle kids!

  • drmwm1


     2 years ago

    Fantastic video Jim, thanks!

  • Paul Deveau

    Paul Deveau

     3 years ago

    Just now watching this video where is your Florida golf school I live in Canada and would like very much to fly down to get help with my swing I am tired losing distance every year

  • Alec McLaughlin

    Alec McLaughlin

     3 years ago

    He makes the game look so easy

  • Cho co

    Cho co

     4 years ago

    anybody can swing like a pro in 5 minutes if you are given the secret line !

  • lovetogolf


     4 years ago

    So true Thank Jim!!!

  • Sandhills Guide Online

    Sandhills Guide Online

     4 years ago

    Loved it... getting Rick Hartmann to .... it was like a MIRACLE!

  • whetedge


     4 years ago

    I really like the "building block approach". 
    The short little swing is nothing more than the take away of a full swing. If you don't get the take away right, you have to compensate elsewhere. So learn in small steps with short swing.

  • 김재연


     4 years ago

  • gswdaniel


     5 years ago +1

    I am impressed with you, i've been trying to learn for years... And found you online last week.. I all can say is that I probably learn more from you that anyone else. You explain everything so nicely if people don't get it from you they need to change sports.keep the videos coming... They'll be online for generations. Thank you so much.

  • a phillips

    a phillips

     5 years ago +2

    Jim will do anything necessary to improve your golf swing. If it means sleeping with your wife then, dammit, that's what he'll do. ;)

  • NikHubbardGolf


     5 years ago

    Check out what's in my bag for 2014 on my channel!

  • spacefieldtime


     6 years ago

    swing hand to forward impact by a few inches is a great statement....great knowledge of the swing and fun drill (the hinge drill) in the backyard with some practice balls....

  • Hugh Doherty

    Hugh Doherty

     6 years ago

    has to be the best video clip I have ever seen, first time after watching I had my handicap reduced by 6 shots over a month,now playing off 15, at 70 plus years I can now hit shots that I only dreamed about playing,I found that turf ball has been replaced with Ball turf'
    Have recommended it to all my golf friends,especially those who have bee beaten by me. Hugh

  • JustJames


     6 years ago

    I really like the way you keep your head so steady until well after impact Jim, it's a problem I have in that I struggle to keep from looking up especially, do you have any advice to help me.



  • Thesby Tolbert

    Thesby Tolbert

     6 years ago

    a great teacher!i bet his prices are in the hundreds!

  • Azaan Mbita

    Azaan Mbita

     6 years ago

    one of the best lesson explaining the proper position at impact....