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  • Published on:  Friday, December 16, 2016
  • Wildlife biologist Liz Bonnin sets off on a worldwide journey of discovery to find out why animals of different species make friends with each other as well as why apex predators make friends with humans.

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  • Ari Prabowo

    Ari Prabowo

     27 minutes ago

    Can't blame Charles. I mean, just look at those lovely eyes...

  • Iain MacGregor

    Iain MacGregor

     4 hours ago

    Great video. You've brought the world to us. Thank you Liz.

  • Loki Nya! 0w0

    Loki Nya! 0w0

     13 hours ago +1

    Hey I'm from the future and Leo the lion gets cancer an dies I'm sorry guys

  • DawgyDawg


     13 hours ago +1

    6:12 when you nervously laugh to stop yourself crying

  • Kwang Yi

    Kwang Yi

     17 hours ago

    René Descartes would be a perfect exemplary of pathetic human species, that is, presumptive, arrogant, and dumbest species ever known to exist. .
    No other species in the universe are known to kill for sake of pleasure, or make trophy of dead for bragging rights.

  • Isiah Rock

    Isiah Rock

     18 hours ago

    Rip leo you will be missed

  • Machiel Kortenhoff

    Machiel Kortenhoff

     19 hours ago

    animals and humans are made for each other thats why nwe need not only peace with human but with animals to.

  • Sanjida Naznin

    Sanjida Naznin

     22 hours ago

    So I'm a Rhino from inside 🤷

  • Robin Redman

    Robin Redman

     23 hours ago

    I just feel you can learn a lot from the animals😃 It’s so Lovely 😊💖

  • Crashburn 32

    Crashburn 32


    4:20 - Lions and tigers and bear friendships, oh my.

  • William Moss

    William Moss


    Rhino horn,,, It's sad that asian men think that this will give them a larger ding dong. They're desperate!! Sad.

  • Mary Fiorentino

    Mary Fiorentino


    Good and cute, but somewhat dull presentation.

  • ALs Junkmail

    ALs Junkmail


    Get it through your ignorant POS brains! Animals are not human they.carry no racist thoughts! Quit trying to make them answer to human emotions!

  • stanoje333



    lions and tigers and bears oh my

  • ingrid krivin

    ingrid krivin


    The racist times are over not every where maybe not here too but please let’s live in peace

  • ingrid krivin

    ingrid krivin


    Let’s try to end the racist times.

  • George Osullivan

    George Osullivan

     2 days ago

    Like packin a lunch eat it wen u het hungry

  • George Osullivan

    George Osullivan

     2 days ago

    Dont kid urself that female was gonna eat that orax wen it got hungry thats y it stayed close 2 it lime packin a lunch

  • João Coelho

    João Coelho

     2 days ago

    3.7K dislikes???? These people are just f* retarded!

  • keshav janjam

    keshav janjam

     2 days ago

    captivity and growing together and rules of the jungle are absent many animals need each other for comfort and compassion to spend time