Gordon Ramsay Served The Smallest Portion Of Mussels He's Ever Seen | Kitchen Nightmares

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 6, 2019
  • Source: https://youtu.be/_HcJ85CQr1I


  • James

     5 months ago

    Gordon has probably eaten more shitty food than anyone ever.

  • Shooketh

     7 hours ago

    @Definitely not the Question yes?

  • Abhinav Ramesh

     2 days ago

    rhett and link have had more

  • umbraheart1

     2 months ago

    That whole staff looks like meth Heads

  • Smokey Smokerson

     2 days ago


  • Ricardo

     3 days ago

    @Fuckologic nah

  • Dylan Dreisbach

     3 months ago

    "We want Gordan's help""Your food is bad""No, it's not""Yes it is""well that's your opinion I don't want you to critique my food"

  • RexV

     7 days ago

    Y'all got r/wooshed by him

  • MaeFox

     4 months ago

    "I did not over cook it"*.05 seconds ensued*"Over Cooked; Disgusting"

  • K3mp

     1 months ago

    Elapsed *

  • Ricardo Chavarrin

     1 months ago

    Calm down chef

  • Daniel A Millar

     5 months ago

    “We cannot have fresh mussels when we have a menu that’s extremely large.” First time I’ve heard a chef on kitchen nightmares give an accurate excuse

  • Shooketh

     7 hours ago

    @Eclectic Reader small heads upfruits in stores can sit in storage units for up to a year and ground beef is just meat from whatever leftovers they have

  • ThMrksman

     3 days ago

    @Max Scardanelli Hatuke Gensuke - a ramen joint in Melbourne.

  • Jessica Rabbit

     27 days ago

    Nicole is a drug addict. Knew it soon as they gave her a close-up

  • Miss Maggius

     2 days ago

    "Did I serve you?"

  • QuickDr0pped

     3 days ago


  • FruitNDoggie

     18 days ago

    Overcooked meat + raw flour? That takes talent.

  • jeeer

     11 days ago

    Well, de meat cooks in like 10 seconds but the flower needs a little bit more xD

  • violet satou

     11 days ago

    Tony Ascoli agree

  • DieselBudgie

     5 months ago

    1:03 There's a lot of...name-calling...Gordon: Visibly tries to not call her a donkey

  • A

     1 months ago

    @Sonny the old lady? Yeah I see it. But I thought you were talking about the blonde shes literally Alexa from 50 first dates.

  • Juan Serrano

     1 months ago

    Sonny that’s so flaw lmao I see it though now lmao

  • Schplek

     1 months ago

    2:11 “i did not overcook it.”cameraman: “im about to end this mans whole career”

  • Avyon Scott

     28 days ago

    Triinity 😂😂😂😂

  • Mr.DooDoo 69

     1 months ago


  • Chris Maxwell

     3 months ago

    If you serve that portion of mussels with that much sauce, you better give me a whole loaf of bread to finish that sauce off.

  • Sweater

     22 days ago

    @Chris Maxwell i think it was app.

  • Chris Maxwell

     22 days ago

    Sweater Appetizer or Entree? There have been so many dishes now on Hell’s Kitchen I lost track.