Adult Twins, Separated at Birth, Have Emotional Reunion

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 3, 2018
  • Inspired by the documentary "Three Identical Strangers," Michele Mordkoff and Allison Kanter discover they are twins and have an emotional reunion on camera. Read more:

    "Two Identical Strangers" was directed by Tim Wardle. Courtesy of Neon, it is part of The Atlantic Selects, an online showcase of short documentaries from independent creators, curated by The Atlantic.
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  • Kerris A Lewis

    Kerris A Lewis

     6 hours ago

    5:18 who caught that look at their hands

  • boxlessthinking


     6 hours ago

    It costs a load to raise 1 child they are so lucky they had a home wth 1st world not grateful for what they have. 5:36 they complain that they were split up.

  • monique


     7 hours ago

    What a cute pair

  • necee67


     11 hours ago

    Twins should never be separated not even regular siblings but twins no way siblings that are adopted. Separately should have ability to know each other even if they are adopted by separate families

  • Ember Diys

    Ember Diys

     11 hours ago

    I cried.

  • Sabrina Latham

    Sabrina Latham

     12 hours ago

    Those pants are the definition of high waisted

  • Afifa Makeup

    Afifa Makeup

     15 hours ago

    The one with the darker hair looks kinda like tati (the youtuber ) omg . Like if you agree 🖐🏼

  • Fay Alharbi

    Fay Alharbi

     15 hours ago


  • Estong Big Boy

    Estong Big Boy

     16 hours ago

    This is incredible... A one in a million shot. What a story

  • Angela Martin

    Angela Martin

     23 hours ago

    My heart broke when the sister said she was upset that they got screwed out of so many years. So glad they found each other

  • Cindy Thompson

    Cindy Thompson


    It's hard to recreate lost years. And you can't deny the upbringing of adoptive parents. I guess if I were a twin I would feel differently, but I just can understand why the lives we have never seem to be enough.

  • Gray Lacy

    Gray Lacy


    im not crying...U R!

  • HeadNtheClouds



    Are they going to make a porn now? I keep waiting, but nothing is happening except my dick is not happy anymore!

  • sky peters

    sky peters


    Their sons almost look as identical as they do

  • Chelsea Bella Gallo

    Chelsea Bella Gallo


    They don’t look nothing alike.
    But it’s genetics..

  • Mariyeen Acheege

    Mariyeen Acheege


    One would have to have a really strong self identity to survive such a thing. Personally, I don’t know how I would handle it. It can almost feel threatening.

  • Mohammed Salim

    Mohammed Salim


    The blonde twin reminds me of Janice from Friends for some reason xD. Happy they finally met, wishing agencies never split up siblings, it's not fair :(

  • Marie Marie

    Marie Marie


    I wonder if they've ever seen each other in passing out in public.

  • morgan d

    morgan d


    is no one gonna talk about her stalking skills

  • Emily Gallimore

    Emily Gallimore


    Im an identical twin nd I couldn't imagine how cheated I would've felt if this was us