Adult Twins, Separated at Birth, Have Emotional Reunion

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 3, 2018
  • Inspired by the documentary "Three Identical Strangers," Michele Mordkoff and Allison Kanter discover they are twins and have an emotional reunion on camera. Read more:"Two Identical Strangers" was directed by Tim Wardle. Courtesy of Neon, it is part of The Atlantic Selects, an online showcase of short documentaries from independent creators, curated by The Atlantic.
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  • The Atlantic

     1 months ago

    Check out our other story "Identical Twins Who Look Nothing Alike:"

  • Hilary IFRC

     7 days ago

    @lottogirl846 he said "our other story". Identical twins are identical in every way; if they look different they are not identical twins. On "this" story, there were facial differences in these two women so they are not identical twins.

  • lottogirl846

     14 days ago

    The one girl had on higher shoes.

  • Victoria Katherine

     3 months ago

    I wish there was a law where you couldn't separate twins, or multiple birth siblings. So cruel.

  • Hoof Arted Yo

     7 hours ago

    Victoria Katherine the only reason I disagree with that is because my dad adopted a little girl and my aunt adopted her twin brother as there was sexual abuse between the children and their biological parents, and they couldn't be housed together, but my family still wanted to keep them close so they will still know and grow with eachother.

  • Aurelie-Anne Gilly


    at least a law preventing separating twins/triplets for scientific purposes like these women were! did you see the documentary? its insane.

  • Rita Parker

     5 months ago

    A friend and her husband have adopted 3 siblings. They adopted their son, then 2 years later the adoption agency called and said the mother was expecting again were they interested in adopting...yes. 2 years later another call from the adoption agency. Now they have 3 siblings, and it has been a blessing for the children to be raised together. They actually have the same biological father and mother....and God bless the adoption agency for keeping them together.

  • Christina Spears

     12 days ago

    Amazing story! Thank God!


     16 days ago

    @Edward Kibirige maybe just poor as hell

  • miso mercy

     5 months ago

    They both chose the same type of outfit to meet in , boxy tank-like shirts, and synthetic material bottoms. I found that interesting.

  • April Hare

     4 days ago

    I thought the same thing! I think one may have had some surgery done.

  • Anastasia Hey

     a months ago

    Yes they have similar style! But it's also interesting that life left its mark differently on their bodies and faces, making them a little bit different. They also seem to have very different personalities! The lady in pants looks more serious and the lady in skirt looks more bubbly

  • global.001

     3 months ago

    Kind of need a follow up. Did they end up clicking and building a life together? So sad they were separated.

  • Cynthia M Grooms

     29 days ago

    Ann Schurman -Thanks! I was in hopes of finding such good news! So many times,the years are too hard to overcome,& I would've been strangely heartbroken, if that had happened to twins.

  • Ann Schurman

     a months ago

    I looked them up. They talk every day

  • tt

     6 months ago

    my mom found her sister last year. they didn't know the other existed. 71 years old! crazy

  • Linda Burnage

     2 months ago

    Lovely story better late than never. I wish I had the same ending. Maybe one day.

  • Soumi Pramanik

     2 months ago

    @Laura Beth Halbert 0

  • Lauren Pistey

     3 months ago

    my 8th grade math teacher and her sister adopted 6 siblings so they wouldn’t have to separate them ❤️

  • Lisa Gee

     28 days ago

    Now that's BEAUTIFUL!

  • Maria Glover

     1 months ago

    😭😭😭😭😭😭so sweet!!

  • Gogsi T.

     3 months ago

    Their face and voice remind me so much of Janice from Friends😂 especially the blonder twin

  • mariam taju

     9 hours ago

    So so true!!!

  • Rhiannon Beth

     2 months ago

    The blonder one kind of looks like her. Put a dark curly wig on her and she would be the image of Janice x

  • Mike M

     5 months ago

    Wow!!,The taller of the 2 guys that was her son's looked excatley like the aunt!!

  • Carlyn Prato

     9 days ago

    I didn’t hear what anyone said (half paying attention) but I thought “why is her son on that side?” Went back and realized she’s his aunt.

  • Laure Mehrkens

     22 days ago

    Mike M I had to go back and look. And your right. You can definitely tell their related.😁

  • milan

     5 months ago

    I am a identical twin iam 44 and lost my bother at birth but in my heart I no something is missing

  • Sonia B

     23 days ago

    You know there is a support group for Lonesome Twins! look it up! it could help you!

  • Jan Maria Blackwell

     1 months ago

    @Kai R Thanks Kai R, I will certainly look this Dr up.