Mystery Sausage Taste Test (GAME) ft. Chow Crown

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 23, 2018
  • We see who knows more about the Royal Family while taking on a mystery sausage taste test.  GMM #1363
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  • ziljin


     5 months ago +1579

    Mystery Meat is the best kind of meat!

  • 6laderunner



    The Chow Crown looks like it’s something from a fake SNL toy commercial in the 90s. What a weird gimmick

  • Jsweizston


     2 days ago

    8 looked like a straight up turd.

  • Steven Smith

    Steven Smith

     2 days ago

    Dude i love Stevies voice

  • Commesar Davide

    Commesar Davide

     3 days ago

    a liter of corgys :,)

  • Kemicon Kabala

    Kemicon Kabala

     5 days ago

    Hasbro’s best thing ever!



     6 days ago

    We made the language so..m

  • Ariel McCarthy

    Ariel McCarthy

     6 days ago

    Best. Game. EVER! 😂😂😂 please bring this back

  • Aaron Loomis

    Aaron Loomis

     7 days ago

    It a bangheeeer!

  • GachaverseAnimator


     7 days ago

    In the one that said which is the kings most trusted courtier
    one of the answers was the moonlight valet
    the man who watches u sleep
    I immediately thought of pearl from steven universe.
    "I like to watch u sleep sometimes. And by sometimes i mean all the time."

  • Nightmare Nightmare

    Nightmare Nightmare

     8 days ago

    I definitely knew the second one

  • Saber Cyan

    Saber Cyan

     9 days ago

    The more I watch this the more Im convinced its staged

  • Cassius Felix

    Cassius Felix

     9 days ago


  • pittkendoka


     9 days ago

    Count Chocula is a cereal mascot not a muppet and The Count is from sesame street not the muppet show.

  • Emma Ingram

    Emma Ingram

     10 days ago

    I know more about the Royal fam than I thought

  • Emma Ingram

    Emma Ingram

     10 days ago

    Count Chocula is actually a limited edition halloween cereal (one of my favs)

  • Sideways


     10 days ago

    Makes me proud to be British

  • miss unitato

    miss unitato

     10 days ago

    i'm surprised i knew most the answers to these the royal questions because of this one video i watched about royal rules lmao

  • Kaitlyn J.

    Kaitlyn J.

     12 days ago

    Rhett: eat that sausage Link....Hey sausage link!

  • YT_Supreme Tsubaki

    YT_Supreme Tsubaki

     12 days ago

    I’m pretty sure marmite is a favorite of the Australians not Britain correct me if I’m wrong