Primaries and Caucuses: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 22, 2016
  • Primaries and caucuses are a surprisingly undemocratic part of the democratic process. John Oliver discusses our convoluted system for choosing presidential nominees.

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  • Mandy B

    Mandy B

     6 days ago

    Then after all this, the Electoral College voted Trump in even though he lost the popular vote. Yet I thought I understood that they could (should?) go with the popular vote? That system seems to be completely broken.

  • Martin Stent

    Martin Stent

     6 days ago

    Both the USA and the UK have political systems which are completely broken. USA: Why a bipartisan system? Surely the USA has a very wide spectrum of political views, let’s get them ALL some representation! UK: Same thing. First-past-the-post means at least 50% of the population is disenfranchised! These reasons and more are why we have Trump and BoJo.

  • Felix Philippe

    Felix Philippe

     7 days ago

    well done hillary!

  • Stephen Boyle

    Stephen Boyle

     7 days ago

    7:46 Superdelegates aren't even trying to represent the people's interests. They represent #PartyPolitics and keeping the status quo, fearful that if the system were to be changed their influence would be muted by the greater voice of the people.

  • Da Martinelli

    Da Martinelli

     14 days ago


  • Sagnik Bhadra

    Sagnik Bhadra

     14 days ago +1

    The Clintonites making fun to Bernie supporters complaining about our electoral process didn't age that well did it?

  • James Decade

    James Decade

     14 days ago +3

    After all the media bias Bernie still one 48% of elected delegates..... 48%. He won 7% of super delagates..... next time you say this wasn’t rigged. Go take some time out of your day, and go fuck yourself

  • Brian Kemble

    Brian Kemble

     21 days ago

    John Oliver has a clever way of weaving current events together with long term societal issues that will help his comedy carry on further then late night hosts that mostly talk about Trumps latest tweets and interviews

  • pleappleappleap


     21 days ago

    8:42 Nipples?

  • Mitch184


     28 days ago +1

    People act as if this "system" fell from the sky or was born from a membrane of another dimension. The system is not broken. It perfectly works for those who invented and profit from it. Therefore, it will never change.

  • Elizabeth


     28 days ago

    Can't wait for this to fuck us over again!! Hype!

  • Barok Yohannes

    Barok Yohannes

     1 months ago

    I aint American but i think i know more about America than trump

  • Snow


     1 months ago +12

    It's 2019, Bernie is up for presidency again, let's get him the support he needs. #BernieForPresident

  • M Chaney

    M Chaney

     1 months ago

    I have a super huge crush on John and I’m not ashamed.

  • Cody Snowden

    Cody Snowden

     1 months ago

    I'm very upset you didn't say "ejaculection" at the beginning. That is all.

  • 姚澜


     1 months ago

    13:10 Why yes, I am typing now

  • Ash Maf

    Ash Maf

     1 months ago +1

    Only if Democrats didn't rig the system to put their sweetheart on, we wouldn't have had Trump sitting in the oval office right now.

  • Jacob Arduino

    Jacob Arduino

     1 months ago +2

    >comes back 3.5 years later
    >oopsie doodle!

    Circle 2/2/2021 on your calendars I guess

  • A E Robinson

    A E Robinson

     1 months ago

    I thought it would It would be more equal if everyone played by the same rulebook considering it’s a united states of America I’m seeing more and more disunited items. Admittedly the UK doesn’t have a fair voting system either but least you know what you are voting for.

  • Lief Bamberg

    Lief Bamberg

     2 months ago

    Thank god Bernie fixed the broken DNC primary system.

    I want to stop there, but....but....


    ok. It's been 3 years but that still felt good.