Robin Hood (2018) - Movie Review

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 23, 2018
  • Another Robin Hood movie, but with some cool edgy flair to give it new teeth. Is it fun? Painful? Here's my review of ROBIN HOOD!

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  • Rhodri Williams

    Rhodri Williams


    I didn’t watch this film when it came out but I watched it recently and it’s sooo goood

  • Cruisentom 1234

    Cruisentom 1234


    The starting reaction
    Always gets me 😂😂😂😂

  • Nerdgasam



    I am alone. I thought this was really fun. Guess I just dont care if its period accurate or not.

  • Chaos Reigns

    Chaos Reigns

     21 days ago

    Movie sucked...
    No Sherwood Forrest

  • Bazinga!


     1 months ago

    The singing at the end sounds exactly like Eric cartman

  • Alex Casperson

    Alex Casperson

     1 months ago

    I wish they made a tv show 😁

  • TheComeUp18


     1 months ago

    I have no guilty pleasure, I like what I like but some would say the "Street Fighter" movie should be a guilty pleasure.

  • Punisher 2000

    Punisher 2000

     1 months ago +1

    That intro said it all

  • Cole REVIEWS

    Cole REVIEWS

     1 months ago

    ROBIN HOOD 2018: 1/5

  • Red Centurion

    Red Centurion

     1 months ago

    This film felt like the entire costume design historical research departments were fired before production began and they didn't hire anyone else. I mean, did anyone actually give a fuck about making this film even remotely related to the period it's based in?

  • Derek Hudson

    Derek Hudson

     1 months ago

    Watched this's not good. How the fuck does he get shot in the heart and in THE NEXT SCENE he's fine and his jacket has no hole...... Whoever wrote this, directed this, filmed this, edited this, and then released this has no god damn clue how to make a movie.

  • Paul Coleman

    Paul Coleman

     2 months ago

    Love all the actors involved...... made it a half hour into it had to turn this shit off with the quickness!!!
    I'll give it another try because it's seems really bad from what I saw and I love bad movies
    I'll go into it with a twelve pack this time because a bad Robin Hood is always awesome with beer......ummmmmm beer!!!

  • Kunisake


     2 months ago

    7/10; it's fun

  • alobo2000


     2 months ago

    Black people in England during the medieval age? That’s too fucking woke for me. I am getting tired of this “diversity” Bull shit

  • Chern69


     2 months ago

    He nailed all the stupidity like the clothes, and bizarre story, forgot to talk about maid marian having an American accent, Jamie fox having one hand, and no merry men.... don't wast your time, this is pure garbage....

  • Vishal Kr. Prasad

    Vishal Kr. Prasad

     2 months ago

    So true I kept on thinking he is a Robin Hood with Batman or arrow mix

  • Vishal Kr. Prasad

    Vishal Kr. Prasad

     2 months ago

    I saw it just now n I enjoyed it very much

  • Elvin 12

    Elvin 12

     3 months ago

    The rapid firing crossbow.....

  • apolon III

    apolon III

     3 months ago

    Robin Hood - Kurt Russell, so much beter movie than this s...

  • Jesse


     3 months ago

    Jennifer's Body is my guilty pleasure.