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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 29, 2019
  • Check out the top new trailers released this week that you've gotta see! Let us know what you think in the comments below.

    00:00 Charlie's Angels
    02:38 Tone-Deaf
    4:30 Bond 25 (First Look)
    05:32 Iron Sky: The Coming Race
    07:33 The Current War
    09:56 Queen & Slim
    11:25 Black and Blue
    14:10 Midway
    16:01 Phil
    17:57 The Good Liar

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  • ringsaphire


     2 months ago

    Smugness is not classy for Charlie's Angels. It makes them look like dorks haha they should have gone for the Jonh Wick or King's Man vibe instead

  • kWoN oUjO

    kWoN oUjO

     2 months ago

    and Kristen Stewart is back in the game......

  • ElizabethDrawstring


     2 months ago

    SAD, very SAD and VERY BAD

  • Valentine Chronicles

    Valentine Chronicles

     3 months ago

    How out of touch with reality is Hollyweird? They actually think the more than 50% of the women in the world actually WANT a remake of Charlie's Angel's with nothing but women. not that I actually liked any of the original Charlie's Angel's either, though, tbh.

  • Scott Goodwin

    Scott Goodwin

     3 months ago

    Film making is dead and the remnants are shown on Netflix.

  • Marco not on facebook

    Marco not on facebook

     3 months ago

    Kristen Stewart still can't act...

  • OnlyMarchello


     3 months ago


  • skutterbot


     3 months ago

    Iron Sky was a hit?

  • Neil 1

    Neil 1

     4 months ago +1

    I predict none of these movies will make it. All flops.

  • Dumb Me

    Dumb Me

     4 months ago +1

    "Are you flirting?"

  • Sweet Little Weasel

    Sweet Little Weasel

     4 months ago

    Oh for f****sake!

  • pelle lindbergh

    pelle lindbergh

     4 months ago

    dr.strange gen zod spider-man and the beast in on film and i could care less!

  • pelle lindbergh

    pelle lindbergh

     4 months ago

    is it just me ,but every actor playing a american is a brit????!

  • Ruben Junior

    Ruben Junior

     4 months ago

    Bosley is a woman now.... ugh😔. What is it with this woke bullshit. This movie will tank in the toilet.

  • Hoo Me

    Hoo Me

     4 months ago +1

    Wow, that was a 007 preview? Did not see that coming

  • Studio Five

    Studio Five

     4 months ago

    Spider man

  • Lydia Ramirez

    Lydia Ramirez

     4 months ago

    Wow, none of these look interesting.

  • Troy W

    Troy W

     4 months ago +2

    The Midway trailer physically hurts me.

  • Film & TV Geek

    Film & TV Geek

     4 months ago

    The Good Liar (last trailer in this video) looks like a really good film. And Danjaq looks totally different from what I expected from a Bond movie. The Current War looks interesting ....I hope its historically accurate.

  • girlsrule001


     4 months ago

    Finally it's cool to see nick Jonas in a more serious movie like midway