Doberman excited for ice cream truck, does tricks for popsicle

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 24, 2018
  • Kruz is a 4-year-old Doberman Pinscher. In many ways he is like a child. He gets truly excited when he hears the ice cream truck. Watch him choose his own ice cream and do tricks for it!

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  • peter rodrigues

    peter rodrigues

     8 minutes ago

    I would be scared if i heard that ice cream truck sound at night.

  • Lucyy Howie_xx

    Lucyy Howie_xx

     46 minutes ago


  • dawn balcom

    dawn balcom

     3 hours ago

    That dog fuck around and kill a mutha fucka for his ice cream

  • Steven Corwin

    Steven Corwin

     7 hours ago

    It is a guard ๐Ÿ•.I like Doberman Pincher but never really was in it's's nice trying to bring out the personality of the breed because folks see Something about the dog.I like how it was on the porch.

  • elijah


     8 hours ago

    Why does it look like you have a shock collar on him? If you do shame on you.

  • Joanne Vann

    Joanne Vann

     9 hours ago

    Awwwwww he is so cute I love that dog ๐Ÿ• he is so cute and I want him so much.

  • Markjames Manialong

    Markjames Manialong

     9 hours ago

    Amazing it's like a people

  • Billionare Boy

    Billionare Boy

     10 hours ago

    "mountain Munchies" Love the name:)

  • Fly by Night

    Fly by Night

     10 hours ago

    Awesome dog..

  • nickelpickel123


     11 hours ago

    Wow this video is starting to change my view on Doberman

  • Fhj jG

    Fhj jG

     12 hours ago

    Handsome fur baby

  • Du Lauch

    Du Lauch

     12 hours ago

    Beautiful dog!!!! Great work!

  • Florina Elena Chaisri

    Florina Elena Chaisri

     13 hours ago

    Hey Iโ€™m a trainer I trained my dog in 2 days wasโ€™nt that hard it was very easy but u will need chicken with no ingredients and no garlic and no salt also no onions

  • TheRgoat AJ

    TheRgoat AJ

     13 hours ago

    Ass cream?

  • elaine oog

    elaine oog

     13 hours ago

    I think it's so cruel when you put the popsicle on his, that stuff is cold! Just give the dog the treat and stop having to make him do tricks. Chocolate is not good for dogs people. You guys shouldn't own animals---

  • Cassandra Tiew

    Cassandra Tiew

     14 hours ago

    Looks like a K9 pup!

  • Ken Daniel Murphy

    Ken Daniel Murphy

     15 hours ago

    @ 1:22 He says, "this is my ice cream," in his own dog way.

  • Kayson Gunter

    Kayson Gunter

     15 hours ago

    Why you smoke mate

  • kaeros fentis

    kaeros fentis

     16 hours ago

    Why the hell are his ears and tail cut?

  • Phryton ER

    Phryton ER

     17 hours ago

    I want ice cream trucks in EU too :(