Exclusive interview: Maduro's ex-spy chief reveals allegations against government

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 24, 2019
  • Gen. Manuel Ricardo Cristopher Figuera, the ex-spy chief of Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro, sat down for an exclusive interview with The Washington Post. Figuera spent nearly two months in hiding in Colombia following the failed April 30th plot to oust Maduro, in which he played a pivotal role. None of the officials named by Figuera responded to requests for comment submitted to Venezuela’s Ministry of Communications. The Washington Post could not independently confirm Figuera’s allegations. Read more: https://wapo.st/2x9U3Yt. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: https://wapo.st/2QOdcqK

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/__Pk9WS06-g




     3 months ago +1

    yo no le creo nada a ese General el fue mi jefe cuando trabaje en el DGCIM pronto voy a desmentir todo lo que dices.

  • Jan Verboven

    Jan Verboven

     3 months ago

    No muestra su cara ? La voz pudo haber sido cualquier persona ! - He doesn't show his face are is visible talking - his voice could have been anyone's - It's a FAKE - "The Washington Post could not independently confirm Figuera’s allegations"

  • Hector Leon

    Hector Leon

     3 months ago +1

    esas afirmaciones son muy ciertas y veo que lo hizo con total sinceridad

  • Chuck Awesome

    Chuck Awesome

     3 months ago

    CIA move!

  • José Trinidad

    José Trinidad

     3 months ago

    Y la Bachelet no vio nada!...😱

  • victor rosero

    victor rosero

     3 months ago +4

    la bacheleth debe salir de la ONU

  • Fit4life


     3 months ago +4

    Maduro is a Cuban puppet. His inability to make decisions is confirmed in this WP article. Figuera reveals how Raúl Castro literally gives orders, commands to Maduro on the phone. Maduro's speeches and body language are closely monitored by Cubans. His inner circle is Cuban.

  • Linda Minton

    Linda Minton

     3 months ago +8

    Venezuela is a cautionary tale of what happens when people vote in leftist and still expect freedom.

  • Chris Spencer

    Chris Spencer

     3 months ago +2

    Venezuela has been a CIA puppet for a while. The ex spy chief is one of their assets. He will help like in this video to spin CIA clown agenda....

  • brandon Brossett

    brandon Brossett

     3 months ago +3

    Openly admits that the WP couldn't confirm his allegations but still chose to run the article as if holds merit.. Thats some fine journalism you've got there.

  • Stevie


     3 months ago +9

    Stop intervening in Venezuela. It's only going to make things worse.

  • Josh Brown

    Josh Brown

     3 months ago +7

    Funny how Venezuela has voter ID laws and somehow Maduro is a illegitimate Leader. WP is all about democracy but they interviewed a traitor to the Venezuelan people.

  • Rafael Rodriguez

    Rafael Rodriguez

     3 months ago +2

    There is no doubt that Maduro is not a good guy. The point is, he was elected and Guaido was not. Who are we to try to organize a regime change? Especially one the Venezuelan people do not support.

  • John Jones

    John Jones

     3 months ago +4


  • Sam


     3 months ago +4

    WaPo wants to sell Amazon products in Venezuela?

  • Andrés Durán

    Andrés Durán

     3 months ago

    Gusano de mierda.

  • Laurier


     3 months ago +6

    Washington Post friend from the corrupted DC bureaucracy, which makes them enemy of the people and makes all their videos worthless.
    Is that logic or what ?