Casually Explained: Lifting

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 3, 2016
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  • cmm07r

     3 years ago

    You forgot the biggest step. After every step, scream as loud as you can. If no one can audibly hear you lifting, it never happened and the workout is wasted.

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    you stole that line from bro science

  • Florian Wicher

     10 days ago

    If you lift a weight, and nobody is there to hear it, did it happen?

  • J M

     2 years ago

    "This is how people can tell you're a powerlifter and not just a regular fat guy." This is the most subtly perfect line ever uploaded on youtube. I love this channel.

  • Steven Mark Ryan

     6 days ago

    I died.

  • Joshua Torres

     1 months ago

    J M watch brosciencelife

  • Jaston Yuh

     2 years ago

    Do curls in the squat rack for maximum muscle confusion

  • Thomas Tichael

     1 months ago

    you fucker i was about to sneeze but i read your comment and started to laugh and now i can't sneeze anymore

  • Im A Gay

     3 months ago

    Bro, thats some SCIENCE right there.

  • Alex B

     11 months ago

    1 chicken breast per pound of body weight 😂

  • Skull thunder

     6 days ago

    @oExodus its supposed to sound dumb usually they say "1 gram of protein per pound of body weight"

  • oExodus

     8 days ago

    I don’t get it

  • Ohio Power Bar

     2 years ago

    I am 99.9% sure this guy is a miscer. He's too aware to be an average bro

  • Executor Arktanis

     8 days ago

    I am also aware like him

  • Zerak

     1 months ago

    He’s a sick Khunt


     2 years ago

    The 3 macronutrients are:1.)Protein2.)Protein3.)Protein-Jack


     1 months ago

    UOTQAUIBO you forgot the most important macronutrient:Protein

  • Nacho Fernández

     4 months ago

    i was looking for this comment.

  • Sir 'Quellin Esquire III

     2 years ago

    If I wear a hoodie, my power level will be 9,000 or less

  • SketzaTubeOfficial

     10 months ago

    John Adams it’s over 9000!!!

  • kim wagner

     1 years ago

    John Adams one of those hoodies without the Sleeves

  • TemuzLM

     1 months ago

    The day you start lifting is the day you become forever too small, because you'll never be as big as your pump. - The Brofessor

  • Winks

     1 months ago

    @J 117 a pump is your futureIts like tomorrowBut you can never rech tomorrow since when it becomes tomorrowIts today again -brofessor

  • Philip

     1 months ago

    @J 117 but only if you use lighter weights and like 12 reps, if u lift heavy and stick to the 8 reps it shouldnt happen

  • Vigil

     9 months ago

    "35 nanosecond anabolic window" sides have left orbit

  • Chokwe

     7 months ago

    Good thing the anabolic window is a broscience myth.

  • Asterik

     3 years ago

    "Lifting begins with feelings of inadequacy, and ends with feelings of inadequacy except now you can't wear jeans"This hit me way too hard.

  • Subscribe to me for no reason

     6 months ago

    They need to make a jean cut exclusively for gym bros

  • *1.25Speed on everything

     1 years ago

    Asterik Same 😂 my legs don't fit but my waste is small😭