Dear Youtube, WHY?! HUGE E-Cigarette Ban Passed, IG Kardashian Crackdown, & Justin Trudeau Blackface

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 19, 2019
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    Instagram Changes Policy on Posts With Dieting Ads:
    India Bans E-Cigarettes:
    Trudeau Apologizes:
    YouTube’s Verification Change:
    Appeal Form:

    Trump Set to Rollback CA Emissions Standards in Move That Could Weaken Federal Standards

    Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg
    Produced by: Amanda Morones
    Art Director: Brian Borst
    Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray
    #DeFranco #JustinTrudeau #Kardashians
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  • Philip DeFranco

    Philip DeFranco

     4 months ago +974

    Hey! After today's show watch this: or this
    IG vs PooTeas 00:31 - YOUTUBE WHY?! 3:39 - TIA 6:45 Big E-Cig Crackdown - 8:35 - Trudeau um he uh...yeah 11:17

  • Kio Star

    Kio Star

     2 months ago

    Being from Canada 🇨🇦, we always forgive . We apologize for you too apologize. Haha

  • Kelso Sunshine

    Kelso Sunshine

     2 months ago

    As a Canadian, I almost exclusively see my country discussed in popular media when we've embarrassed ourselves. Trudeau can't even recall how many times he did blackface...

  • navins11


     2 months ago

    The whole blackface story seems more like a joke. One side calls the other to take "responsibility" for smth he did 20 years ago while he was young. A... i cba even finishing this train of thought as how dumb it is and clearly a political move and any1 buying into it is a retard.

  • navins11


     2 months ago

    he was young and dumb.... What the hell is this witchhunt in 2019

  • Wrath Upon Eden

    Wrath Upon Eden

     2 months ago

    epic show dude! --

  • Dr Acula

    Dr Acula

     2 months ago

    Vaping is the only thing that got me off cigarettes. I went from two packs a day to a half a juul pod a day. The super high nicotine content is why I think that specific product worked for me. I used mango, and since that is now banned I had to switch to mint and classic tobacco which is making me crave cigarettes again. Sometimes flavors really are the best option for adult smokers trying to quit. I hope to quit nicotine entirely by December, but I’m not going to lie, my juul is what got me through this first month. (big waste of money vs other pod systems/mods though, and fuck that company)

  • Dr Acula

    Dr Acula

     2 months ago

    So... in the early 2000’s we had a high school production of Ragtime where the black female lead was expelled from school a few days before the production. They put a (very white passing) Hispanic girl in a heavy spray tan/mild blackface (don’t know how else to describe it) and it was so awkward. There were no other options for casting, and there was so much money put into that production. It still haunts me to this day.

  • Kyle Towner

    Kyle Towner

     2 months ago

    17:05 he won, he won anyways apparently it didn't matter lol

  • Lissie Lamb

    Lissie Lamb

     3 months ago

    Bout fucking time the diarrhea tea is restricted tf

  • Zoe Dubois Music

    Zoe Dubois Music

     3 months ago

    Holy fuck. I’m canadian. The election is coming up. Philly D mentioned Trudeau and i was like yo i was not informed.

  • benry007


     3 months ago

    I think the fact that he was 29 at the time is a big factor. If it was something he did as a young adult or a minor I think it would be less of an issue. At 29 you should really know better.

  • D Mal

    D Mal

     3 months ago

    Is this where we are? Looking into everyone's background as if no one can learn from the error of their ways?

  • Rob Van

    Rob Van

     3 months ago

    Next will be Robert Downey Jr. For his part in tropic thunder 🤦‍♂️

  • Billy Giuliano

    Billy Giuliano

     3 months ago

    Did he genuinely just forget about that video or was he like "maybe I can get away with that one by confessing to another one..."

  • Kin N

    Kin N

     3 months ago

    Darkening your face...LADIES, DO NOT BUY DARKER SHADES OF FOUNDATION, YOU RACISTS. And while we're at it, stop the spray tans! We can tell it's fake, ya look like Trump! FAKE (news)! (this a joke)

  • karencita


     3 months ago

    i'm sorry I LOLed when Sheer started talking.

  • TheBlankSlate


     3 months ago

    Not saying I’m voting for Trudeau but if we switch to conservative federal government I’m going to have major problems with my fellow Canadians. Like Ford and the conservatives are already screwing Ontario, I’d like to at least have a federal fall back.

  • AnnaYed


     3 months ago

    Canadian here: my issue with the entire Trudeau story is that people are saying this is only about racism, but honestly, it's just being used against him because of the election. Whoever found those pictures probably had them for years, just waiting for the election to start. I agree that his behaviour was inappropriate and racist, but it's not even being used for the right outrage. In my opinion, if we didn't have an election this month, we still wouldn't have even heard about it.

  • Francisco Quiñones

    Francisco Quiñones

     3 months ago

    Grandfather by father side started smoking when he was 10 and My Grandfather by my mother side started chewing tobacco by the age of 6, my first cigarette...I was 13 and all my friends did it... is up to the parents not the government to look out and control what their kids get their hands on, that said is clearly a conflict of interest cause the government doesn’t care about the peoples health. Now before you differ ask yourself, Is the government giving me free access to healthcare or just letting me die if i cant pay? are they regulating the amount of cars per family to avoid contamination? are they planning on massive birth control to avoid running out of resources? How many preservatives and chemicals got on your meals today are they regulated by the FDA? If you are a felon can you get your hands in a gun? why they serve junk food on most of the schools in America? Are they banning Soda drinks? How clean is your tap water?