Tamar v. Pilot FULL VIDEO That Shows What REALLY Happened

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 1, 2018
  • Towanda just released more video on IGTV that sheds more light on what actually happened between Tamar Braxton and the Delta pilot. 
    From what it sounds like, the person flying with Tamar may have stood up on the flight after the flight attendant instructed people to remain seated.  And when the flight attendant alerted the pilot, the pilot confronted Tamar instead of the person that Tamar was flying with.

    And then later, after the flight, the pilot approached both Tamar and the person she was flying with AGAIN and was loosening up his tie like he was getting ready to accost them.

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    SONG: Bird Brainz from the YT Audio Library
  • Source: https://youtu.be/a2nzgtV1a0o


  • Kris Fannin

    Kris Fannin

     4 days ago

    And where is the recording of what she is talking about because nothing she posted shows any of what she said.

  • Kris Fannin

    Kris Fannin

     4 days ago

    There's a reason she recorded virtually nothing except sound.

  • Kenneth Reuter

    Kenneth Reuter

     4 months ago

    Everyone wants to be a victim these days. Aviation doesn't have time for silly games, trying to get u from point A to point B safely. Ur going to be a child, ur going to be treated like one. Grow up

  • Mo Eckersley

    Mo Eckersley

     8 months ago

    Please please sue!

  • Shannon DiamondDiva Letourneau

    Shannon DiamondDiva Letourneau

     11 months ago

    What is going with these airplanes out of control.

  • Mia Miller

    Mia Miller

     11 months ago

    I feel so sorry for Tamar because she had to be talked to like this from Vince and now the pilot. Tamar I am so proud of you for not going Ape sh*t on that ignorant man. It's so wrong for any man to talk to a woman like this.

  • CaribbeanCutie


     a years ago +1

    Girl bye with that nonsense ... I'm a flight attendant and no pilot is ever gon fight period and def no women!!!!!!!!!! LIES!!!!!!!!

  • Aleshia Brown

    Aleshia Brown

     a years ago

    I'm just now hearing about this and from the video Tamar did absolutely nothing wrong. He needs to be fired and beat down.

  • msrubie11


     a years ago

    Delta as well as United are extremely racist! I avoid them at all costs. It would have to be an extreme emergency for me to fly with either of them! So I definitely believe them! I also would not be surprised if the Pilot and the flight attendant had something going on. Everyone know how it works, we have all seen it at our work places! He's trying to be the hero and didn't even get it right and now has to deal with the backlash! Plus he's a racist, he would not have spoken to a white woman like that!

  • Taste like china had a baby and named it America

    Taste like china had a baby and named it America

     a years ago

    white man standing his ground a black woman wanna get mad. a black dude with a nice smile standing his ground without saying please the black woman may just sit back and smile back.
    I mean the man don't have to smile as long as he tella yall the rules . Don't get this guy fired because he said it some type of way you didn't like, The man maybe having a bad day. I mean no one wants to get fired from their good paying job. I bet some of yall dont wanna be bothered at work and made mistakes of mistreating someone on the job and don't wanna be fired.

  • Christine Smith

    Christine Smith

     a years ago

    Diva Den did you ever think that these people that are making these commits are more then likely Tamar fans who knew she was beening harassed by that cold-hearted pilot or racist whatever he is it wasn't right to speak to any person like that. We support Tamar, I was checking up on this matter, I won't to know if that pilot is getting proper training on how to talk to people,or fired.

  • Christine Smith

    Christine Smith

     a years ago

    The first time I saw this report l made a comment that pilot sound cold hearted he was the devil👿.

  • Maria Williams

    Maria Williams

     a years ago

    Why are yall shocked this how these trump supporters act they been acting this way stand your ground yall

  • Realeza Negra

    Realeza Negra

     a years ago

    I’m going to play devils advocate, when you’re asked to be seated you need to sit down. If you were to get hurt you’d be trying to sue. There are laws and policies you must follow while aboard a flight. Now his demeanor was not acceptable.

  • k johnny

    k johnny

     a years ago

    Wow the disrespect.. why attack/confront someone when you’re not even sure who the person was.. and to say “I thought you were stoned on drugs”, is just rude and unprofessional..

  • Alex Morgan

    Alex Morgan

     a years ago

    Now were gonna act like Tamar doesn't have a history of aggravating situations beyond necessary 🤦🏽‍♀️ this is a miscommunication and nothing more. If this is what y'all wanna call racism, call this mess racism and shït, our country must be amazing if this is all y'all got 🤷🏽‍♀️



     a years ago

    Its all her fault

  • Being Fire

    Being Fire

     a years ago

    I think both sides were wrong. Some people that are in a celebrity's circle begin to act like THEY are celebrities and require special treatment. Some people not affiliated with celebrities do the same thing.

    Seems like Tamar's travel partner wanted special treatment on behalf of Tamar.

    And, NO ONE should be on a plane with a blanket over their head before take off. If Tamar didn't want to be recognized by fans on the plane she should wear a disguise or fly a private flight or at least first class.

    I need to see the video proof of him approaching like he wanted to fight after the flight.

  • Bonita Brigante

    Bonita Brigante

     a years ago +1

    I need to see the whole video. Where is the beginning?

  • Dimple Austin

    Dimple Austin

     a years ago

    Oh NOWWWW y'all on Tamar side🤔🤦🏾‍♀️✌️