MALL HAUL: Aldo, Glasses, PINK, & Express

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 30, 2018
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    My Glasses:

    Ray-Ban 3016 Clubmaster -

    Amelia E. Helena -

    Muse M1122 -

    Ottoto Piero -

    Ottoto Varese -

    Amelia E. Hermia -

    INC Heels -
    ALDO Sandals -
    Jessica Simpson Heels -
    Express Striped Dress -
    Express Floral Dress -
    Express Long Dress -
    PINK Black Jacket -
    PINK Black Top -
    PINK Grey Sweats -
    PINK Hoodie -
    PINK Matching Sweat Pants -
    PINK Yellow Shirt -
    PINK Sports Bra -
    PINK Marbled Sports Bra -

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  • Quanniee Quann

    Quanniee Quann

     22 hours ago

    Can You Do A Clothing Haul On PINK XL Clothes?

  • SunnySunshine Harvey

    SunnySunshine Harvey

     3 days ago

    Speaking of television shows: ya wanna put your mind through a blender, watch Manifest. They seem to be on a winter break already but there's maybe 5-6 episodes out right now, check it out, total mind fuck...

  • Robynn Ninjah

    Robynn Ninjah

     4 days ago

    I love that you But things that are actually adorable. This hail is a little out of my pricr range but the boohoo hauls, the fyf hauls, all of those are SO adorable.

  • Fernanda Rivera

    Fernanda Rivera

     2 months ago

    Whhhyyyyyy are you soooooo prettyyyy 😩😩😩😩😩💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • Scrappie_ FPV

    Scrappie_ FPV

     2 months ago

    The red 👓 are just too cute

  • Kaicey W

    Kaicey W

     2 months ago

    Idk how I missed this video before but probably for the best bc I would be broke! Girl... I just want you to dress me! But I’m gonna need to get another job first soooo... yeah. Gotta work on that!

  • Juan Carlos Camarena

    Juan Carlos Camarena

     2 months ago

    Sexy wow

  • holla mistereeh

    holla mistereeh

     2 months ago

    That twerk at 14:27 reminded me just how down you are. Your enthusiasm reminds me of me lmao

  • Kellie Campbell

    Kellie Campbell

     3 months ago

    I know this video is a little bit older (I'm a newer subscriber), and I'm sure you know this already, but the bra from VS that you like is the So Obsessed adds 1 1/2 cup push up bra from the very sexy collection. I don't know about the mall/VS you usually go to or how big it is, but sometimes stores that are considered "smaller tiers" won't have the bras out on the floor, but they will almost (ALMOST) always have them in the backroom! All you have to do is ask and they'll get it for you! I'm in love with that bra and it's my eternal favorite.

  • Christina Medley

    Christina Medley

     3 months ago

    I so ordered the Aldo sandals 👡 😍😘😝 can’t wait for them to arrive 🤟

  • Emily


     3 months ago

    THOSE! RED! GLASSES! ARE! SO! CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Luz Padilla

    Luz Padilla

     3 months ago

    Your so bueatiful

  • Carolanne Casey

    Carolanne Casey

     3 months ago

    Love your clothing hauls. I bought the Beautiful Maxi Floral Dress for a cruise in November. Thank you for sharing.

  • Sammantha sandoval

    Sammantha sandoval

     3 months ago

    I want that striped dress so damn bad. POCKETS! lol but can't find it on the site : (

  • Kaitlin Thune

    Kaitlin Thune

     3 months ago

    Fun fact I really wanted glasses when I was little and instead of lying to the eye doctor like every other kid did when they wanted glasses (at least in my town), I purposely did things to ruin my eyes like sitting right next to the tv and watching things in the dark. 🤦🏻‍♀️ now all I want is to not have to wear glasses lol

  • berta velasquez

    berta velasquez

     3 months ago

    I love this videos , do more mall videos also can you try fashion nova😁😁😁

  • Kye Brannan-Mohney

    Kye Brannan-Mohney

     3 months ago

    Sarah, I’m a so 16-18 (1x typically fits big on me) and am sooooo into shorts with tights for fall/winter. Can you guide me to some cute shorts?!?!

  • Ember Harper

    Ember Harper

     3 months ago

    What size is the pink jacket? Largest on the site is M/L. If thats what youre wearing, it should work for me too

  • jackie ramsbottom

    jackie ramsbottom

     3 months ago

    Hey! I see you going out in the grey and pink jog suit in winter with your hug boots and big coat taking kiddies to school soooo cute xx

  • aXuniverse


     3 months ago

    Hey I just wanted to tell you I love your videos. I next comment but I do watch. But I wanted to tell you I did the same thing you did with OITNB but I did it with 13 reasons why. I watched episode like 8 of season one. Just about the whole episode too before I realized it. And I actually have a really good memory too.