After the death of the cat, X-rays revealed the horrific atrocities he experienced.

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 6, 2019
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    When those at the animal shelter saw this kitten, they were appalled: the young cat had obviously suffered abuse. But when tests showed just how much torture she had endured, a desperate manhunt was called to find the culprit who hurt her.

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  • Bobtabby


     3 days ago

    title: male cat dies
    video: female cat lives

  • J Hart

    J Hart

     3 days ago

    I didn't want to watch this. I was sick just at the title knowing what I might learn, But if that poor sweet cat endured it, I could at the very least hear about it. A fine???? Restitution???? I can't stand it. Why do we need scumbags like his torturer on this planet? I want him in prison and show his court confession in the common room.

  • ShariSez1


     4 days ago

    That sub-human POS should never have been freed. Anyone who thinks he's going to stop torturing animals, and eventually moving on to torturing people. is an ignorant fool. Child and animal abusers are the lowest of the low. They should be excised, like any other cancerous growth.

  • Linda Mulholland

    Linda Mulholland

     7 days ago

    I hope they caught the person that did this , they should shoot a dart in this persons behind ! Good ! They should have got more than community service ! Jerks like this don't deserve to be around animals !

  • Linda. V Maticke

    Linda. V Maticke

     14 days ago


  • Najpoten Icewolf

    Najpoten Icewolf

     21 days ago

    WTF the title states that she died when she actually survived the surgery? Don't get me wrong, that's very good news. But I don't like misleading titles like this one.

  • Navajo Auckland

    Navajo Auckland

     21 days ago

    Jeffrey Dahmer in the making, put the bitch out of his misery, maybe his gene pool also, the shit don't fall far from an asrehole

  • eileen ferrari

    eileen ferrari

     21 days ago

    This is so evil I hate the person who done this l would do the same to him thank god the poor little cat was saved . Humans are evil but we do have many lovely people who care thank god for them .

  • Chrissy Carter

    Chrissy Carter

     1 months ago +2

    The monster should never be allowed to have pets! Ever!

  • Perlita Habanera

    Perlita Habanera

     1 months ago

    I thought she died reading the title. I'm glad she made it.
    That monster who did that to her going to get it one day. Or maybe he already did and is taking out in the cat.

  • Mary Young

    Mary Young

     1 months ago

    No that son of bitch should have spent time in prison

  • Mary Young

    Mary Young

     1 months ago

    I hope they got the mother F**Ker for doing this to this poor baby 🐈

  • Mary Young

    Mary Young

     1 months ago +1

    Omfg how could people be so damn cruel to animals

  • Patricia Kelly

    Patricia Kelly

     1 months ago

    I nearly didn’t watch this because i thought she’d died. I can’t believe the cruelty. Poor little cat. I’m so glad she’s found her forever home.

  • Roslynn Mckoy

    Roslynn Mckoy

     1 months ago

    Breaks my heart 💔😢 how can people be so cruel and even though she was abused she still Loving. Omg beautiful fur baby glad she got a home

  • c.a. greene

    c.a. greene

     1 months ago

    We lived in a trailer park when we first moved to ssi.
    There was a trailer full of highschool boys who were terrifying the local neighbors with BB guns and police who refuse to do anything about them.
    When they shot at my cat it was the last straw for me and I went over to their trailer and dragged him out to the front lawn and shoved that BB gun right down his throat and told him I would bury him where no one would ever see him again!
    All the neighbors were clapping their hands and these teenage idiots began to become human after that, no more problems....ten years later they are still afraid of me when they see me in town! Its hard to believe but someone raised these turds to think this type of behavior towards any animal is ok

  • Vicky Smith

    Vicky Smith

     1 months ago

    Thanks so much who adopted..kisses, when i heard this i just cry my heart drop down. I want that person be put on the jail punish him for what he do to that cats.

  • Veena Ashokan

    Veena Ashokan

     1 months ago

    That man will not find a place even in hell,thanks for saving the little kitten.

  • Xyz Abcd

    Xyz Abcd

     2 months ago +1

    Thanks a lot for your great rescue treatment and finding miss kiss a great forever are our true heroes. God bless you all and miss kiss and her Dad

  • Tina Aij12tribes

    Tina Aij12tribes

     2 months ago

    Should of shot the abuser with that same blow dart the degenerate lowlife that he is. Hope he dies a horrible death. Glad the kitten has a loving forever home.