Tucker: How does bringing in more illegals help the US?

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  • Published on:  Monday, January 22, 2018
  • Tucker asks Phoenix mayoral candidate Kate Gallego how bringing in more illegal immigrants will make her community and the country more profitable, help America as a whole. #Tucker
  • Source: https://youtu.be/aFaJKX5zIqY


  • CB H

     5 months ago

    I guess if you robbed a bank, it would be called an "undocumented withdrawal"?

  • ken shaw


    dude you hit it..lol

  • Ryan Adam

     3 days ago

    Only in a sanctuary city js

  • G K

     5 months ago

    TUCKER always does a great job of snatching the life out of a lazy loser leftist.

  • MrOki28


    Well put hahaha the more redundant his questions get the dumber they look and they can't seem to figure out how to not look stupid. It's pretty easy.1. Answer the question.2. Do it with sincerity. People are so vapid nowadays.

  • Rhapsidy

     1 months ago

    Build a wall, catapult the Left over said wall. The end, happy day.

  • Barbara Creel


    Rhapsidy we DO need both to balance. Unfortunately, the left doesn’t seem to recognize how fast and aggressively they are pushing us towards totalitarianism and fascism, not understanding that at both extremes results in a country that is closer to Mussolini—and not understanding the how politics work in Europe and what their political parties stand for.

  • adiamondsmile

     4 months ago

    Girl please. Phoenix is now over crowded and rent has almost doubled in 2 years get out of here!!!

  • Michael Vuich

     18 hours ago

    Exactly, what affordable housing is she talking about?

  • Carlos Santiago

     4 days ago

    Thanks for the heads up I was thinking about moving to Phoenix not not anymore

  • Asahel

     7 months ago

    People like that woman is what will cause the demise of USA.

  • Truth Seeker



  • openyoureyes

     17 days ago

    When you deal with ignorant ppl like her it's just a losing battle!

  • NoChannelChannel

     1 months ago

    Tucker will never run out of nut bags to interview

  • Americans FIRST GodBlessAmerica

     2 months ago

    They have been sending all their money back home - OUT of America. They have no interest in helping USA

  • Mario Sandoval


    @Barbara Creel Yes you are right.Why would you.Life is short but eternity is forever.Lets keep looking down on our neighbor we are only humans anyways....Thanks for the comment.

  • Don mcfadden

     1 months ago

    when you debate a leftist don't expect a response with meaning lol

  • Charlie Anderson

     11 hours ago

    Because it's not in the Soros script...

  • 28bet

     5 months ago

    Liberals never answer questions! Round n round like answer the questions??? Idk how he stays calm talking to idiots every day!

  • Daniel Clark

     6 days ago

    Gah! Just answer the question!

  • srakooky17

     1 months ago

    Absolutely true......I live here and the crime rate has gone through the roof!

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