Dana White: My alcoholic dad and getting expelled

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 22, 2016
  • Dana White shares personal stories from growing up in South Boston with a single mom.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/aGNkNt9DT-U


  • Caine Gonzalez

    Caine Gonzalez

     a months ago

    Lol 20$ to get popcorn. Wow. What a tragic experience

  • usssanjacinto1


     a months ago

    He said he was 9 years old when he saw Beverly Hills Cop with his Dad. He was born in 1969, he would have been 15 years old in 1984 when it came out.

  • Random Workshop

    Random Workshop

     a months ago

    So being a cold hearted monopolist who wants mma domination and under pays his fighters, then talks shit about them, and then changes it up over and over again, is something you dont regret? Strive to be a BETTER person, dont cop out your emotions by saying "oh it doesnt bother me, I wouldnt be the person I am today if it werent for how I grew up"....I guess when you think you have nothing wrong with you you dont strive for things.

  • dalexkom


     2 months ago

    boo hoo hoo hoo something about Miss Dana makes you want to hate her

  • Chris


     2 months ago

    Wtf really say it ain't so cunt Dana.. Your dad got you to a movie 10 minutes late, and he gave u 20 bucks in the mid 80's for pop 🌽

  • Soultanaki


     3 months ago

    Dana vs Chris in a fight, Dana in hospital, Chris the new ufc president will be the best day ever

  • fred savage

    fred savage

     4 months ago

    Imagine if that nun had to teach a black school

  • Rick James

    Rick James

     4 months ago

    “At 19 when I stopped working” Holy fuck buddy, do the fajita brothers need any more friends? I thought I had enough friends but obviously not.

  • Payne2TheMax


     4 months ago

    Priest: Anne, do you take Dana to be your husband?
    Anne: I do
    Priest: Dana, do you take Anne to be your wife?
    Dana: Well, we'll see what happens and we'll see how this thing will play out.

  • Blake Ranew

    Blake Ranew

     4 months ago

    That's the white privilege everyone's talking about? Poor with a dad who's not around because he's an alcoholic. Mom not around because shes working. See your not the only ones that have it rough black people.

  • Mike Hill

    Mike Hill

     4 months ago

    I remember begging my dad to coach farm league and what a mistake that was. He came with a cooler full of beer, smoking cigarettes and rarely showed up. I grew up rough but don’t think that’s a bad thing

  • faggy maxwell

    faggy maxwell

     6 months ago

    My father was/is an alcoholic ex marine that would kick my ass daily. I'm talking closed fists and metal hangars and whatever hard object was in convenient grabbing height. I also wasn't given the luxury to attend private schools like Dana. Dana had it good period.

  • Michael B

    Michael B

     6 months ago

    You get the best interviews Graham. You also have a gift of this trade

  • Saif Al

    Saif Al

     6 months ago

    I never fucking knew that Dana White was a bouncer holy shit

  • SuperOlivess


     7 months ago

    It's a Hard knock life when you have to go get some popcorn 10 into your movie.

  • Cardiff car vlogs

    Cardiff car vlogs

     8 months ago

    Dana white what an inspirational guy good values feet firmly on the ground respect Dana

  • Elvis Herrera

    Elvis Herrera

     8 months ago

    Dana white always tells his delusional inspirational story about how he came from nothing first of all how many of us have friends that can buy an entire multimillion dollar organization and give you a percentage of ownership ? Lol .

  • hx hx

    hx hx

     8 months ago

    You wouldn't be who you are today? What a dick?.. This dudes fake and shady as Fuck.. Ego driven

  • Rick Rascon

    Rick Rascon

     9 months ago

    Dana was a bouncer he looks like a pussy I'd kick his ass

  • Rick Rascon

    Rick Rascon

     9 months ago

    boohoo he has popcorn at the movies what a little pussy