Super Empire Strikes Back: Impossibly Hard - PART 1 - Game Grumps

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 29, 2014
  • Too Hoth to handle.

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  • Alfred Walters

    Alfred Walters

     1 months ago

    Beat this when I was 12. I didn’t not think it was hard. NES games like Star Wars were harder

  • Sydney Slaughter

    Sydney Slaughter

     4 months ago

    What kind of twitchy spaz did they get to play test this thing?

  • Phosphorus


     4 months ago

    This reminds me of the last game jon played on game grumps... super star wars

  • Odin Satanas

    Odin Satanas

     5 months ago

    i was just really hoping since they were RLM fans theyd reference Plinkett, and immediately did hahah
    every shot is so dense, theres so much going on
    ..I may have gone too far in a few places

  • finalunusedname


     6 months ago

    Arin: You're killing your own tauntaun!
    Dan/CDi Zelda: Good.

  • Ly'rae Hatter

    Ly'rae Hatter

     6 months ago

    I just saw this...this is so much of my childhood. I still remember wbwbwd or sometuing similar being one of the passcodes.

  • Ricky Guerra

    Ricky Guerra

     8 months ago

    Fudge that game!!!!!!!!!!! I’m

  • sasamichan


     10 months ago

    The trick to this whole game trilogy, that I NEVER see ANY LPer do, is get all the power ups. Use the bombs to clear enemy mobs, use the gun power ups to kill enemies easier, grab the health bar power ups and the one thing LPers NEVER do because it makes them feel dirty for even considering it, CHEAT. Extra lives, Extra continues, Extra Health at the very least until you get good at it. If you need to, level skips and God Mode. The game is very beatable compared to the NES version or one of the LJN titles or some thing like Jekyll and Hyde. I think Movie based games from that era all threw in tons of things everywhere that didn't exist in the movie. And I would rather this then Home Alone 2 or Denise the Menace when games where forced by parents to be nonviolent and you couldn't kill any one.

  • Gunguy


     10 months ago

    the spike pits are comically deep

  • Heath


     11 months ago

    This is better than TLJ.

  • spando dongdee

    spando dongdee

     11 months ago

    You just have to double jump throughout LITERALLY the entire game. That’s the only way to get through the game

  • John Jarocki

    John Jarocki

     a years ago

    I got stabbed by the INFINI-DAGGER!

  • Prosecutor Splorchie!

    Prosecutor Splorchie!

     a years ago

    This somehow reminds me of the cdi Zeldas

  • James Tapp

    James Tapp

     a years ago

    Me, playing along, already well past the parts that they're complaining about

  • James Tapp

    James Tapp

     a years ago

    I see him pass about 3 or 4 blaster powerups. The upgraded blaster is the only way to beat this.

  • KionKamon


     a years ago

    Anyone want to see them try this game again but with debug mode on?

  • Miku Chan

    Miku Chan

     a years ago

    I’ve been hit by the grenade of aid

  • Eric Jordan

    Eric Jordan

     a years ago

    I have played it and even beaten it, it just takes a while to get used to.

  • Thomas Owens

    Thomas Owens

     a years ago +1

    GG fans thought Dan would be replaced after this 3 years ago lol

  • Sonic Phish

    Sonic Phish

     a years ago

    4 years old. Wow. I'm old!