Animal Style Blows Our Minds by Crushing the First Burnyard Tandems

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 10, 2019
  • We've been down with Drift Team Animal Style for a minute - so it's high time that they come visit us and shred. But there's no "I" in team... so they throw down the first ever tandem drift session in the yard. And - as usual - they don't disappoint. Take style notes, drift kids.

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  • Brandon Pou

    Brandon Pou

     3 days ago

    you can tell they started on forza. never seen an IRL suicide

  • Ikuorai


     3 days ago

    That intro is fucking insane

  • Raevyn Rapana

    Raevyn Rapana

     7 days ago

    Danger dan short than a mf lol

  • Raevyn Rapana

    Raevyn Rapana

     7 days ago

    Literally hert having a clipping point orgasm

  • Sergio Gallegos

    Sergio Gallegos

     7 days ago

    Has anyone ever thought of tandem comps at the burnyard?

  • Christian Valdez

    Christian Valdez

     14 days ago

    Crock lock n’ Drop it!

  • Dametrious Ruffin

    Dametrious Ruffin

     28 days ago

    Easily best burnyard sesh ever laid down

  • Ara Torosyan

    Ara Torosyan

     a months ago

    they did little Tokyo Drift move in the end there

  • Erik Greenaway

    Erik Greenaway

     a months ago

    best of all time

  • Allen Lord

    Allen Lord

     a months ago

    They need to come back now that the trailer is raised and can drift under it.

  • Richard Hurts

    Richard Hurts

     a months ago

    That was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
    Just sick. So much fun

  • derby


     a months ago

    that was some quality driftin

  • Josh Novak

    Josh Novak

     a months ago

    made my nipples hard

  • Lettuce


     a months ago

    I was wondering, do they tape on the bumpers so its less likely that stuff breaks off if they hit something or is it legit budget engineering?

  • Shiony Solis

    Shiony Solis

     a months ago

    King of the burn yard yall need to invite them over again with that lifted trailer

  • MarcosS197


     a months ago

    They literally drifted circles around each other...

  • Jamie Savage

    Jamie Savage

     a months ago

    Best so far!

  • Macheng


     a months ago

    Still waiting to buy some Hoonigan x Crocs

  • Chris Leggas

    Chris Leggas

     a months ago

    Their cars have such a different sound

  • tripplesix x

    tripplesix x

     a months ago

    They drive like twins that weren't separated at birth. Fuck I'm going to grab a cone and do circles later tonight. Fucking brutal!