Band of the Hawk | EPIC Synthwave/Darksynth/Outrun Mix by Mr Fusion

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 3, 2018
  • LIKE & SUBSCRIBE to our channel to keep updated :) Also we've launched a bandcamp! Fusion is back with yet another DARK and EPIC Synthwave, Darksynth, Outrun Mix. Perfect for if you're on the run from the Holy See for heresy or if you've just seen your band of men decimated and need to exact revenge. Also how good is Carpenter Brut's new album? And of course this can't be a Berserk inspired mix without some Berserk in it so be sure to stay till the end of the video :)Follow us!BANDCAMP:[00:00 - 03:45] Carpenter Brut - Leather Teeth[03:45 - 07:39] Carpenter Brut - Inferno Galore[07:39 - 12:29] Midnight Danger - A Darker Path[12:29 - 21:15] Woob - Omricon[21:15 - 25:59] Dan Terminus - Deus Macanicus[25:59 - 29:54] Dan Terminus - Digital Onslaught[29:54 - 33:36] Daniel Deluxe - Brute Force[33:36 - 37:10] NightStop - She Dances In The Dark[37:10 - 41:56] Perturbator - She is Young, She is Beautiful, She is Next[41:56 - 45:49] Perturbator - Complete Domination (Feat. Carpenter Brut)[45:49 - 48:57] NightStop - ULTRA[48:57 - 52:30] Carpenter Brut - Cheerleader Effect (Kristoffer Rygg)[52:30 - 57:01] Compilerbau - Tachyon[57:01 - 60:10] Daniel Deluxe - Purification .....(Mr Fusion had to...coz Berserk) While we're on Berserk, check out Mr Fusion's Berserk inspired track, "The 25th Episode" here!Youtube: taken from the Berserk Anime (1997)If you own any of the tracks used and have any issues, please contact us at !Since we do not own all of this, we cannot grant permission for the usage of this mix other than for personal use, out of respect for the original artists.#bandofthehawk
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     a years ago +434


  • Zepie


     a years ago +610

    Griffith: "Muh dream"
    Guts: Autistic screeching

  • Jeromulan TV

    Jeromulan TV

     a years ago +77

    Did you literally just mix two of my favorite things? BERSERK AND SYNTHWAVE?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Shawnofthedeadz


     a years ago +159

    One thing I never understood is how Gutz has all his teeth, and in such good shape.

  • Flamingbabypunch


     5 months ago +35

    Tracklist for mobile users:
    [00:00 - 03:45] Carpenter Brut - Leather Teeth
    [03:45 - 07:39] Carpenter Brut - Inferno Galore
    [07:39 - 12:29] Midnight Danger - A Darker Path
    [12:29 - 21:15] Woob - Omricon
    [21:15 - 25:59] Dan Terminus - Deus Macanicus
    [25:59 - 29:54] Dan Terminus - Digital Onslaught
    [29:54 - 33:36] Daniel Deluxe - Brute Force
    [33:36 - 37:10] NightStop - She Dances In The Dark
    [37:10 - 41:56] Perturbator - She is Young, She is Beautiful, She is Next
    [41:56 - 45:49] Perturbator - Complete Domination (Feat. Carpenter Brut)
    [45:49 - 48:57] NightStop - ULTRA
    [48:57 - 52:30] Carpenter Brut - Cheerleader Effect (Kristoffer Rygg)
    [52:30 - 57:01] Compilerbau - Tachyon
    [57:01 - 60:10] Daniel Deluxe - Purification

  • AngelUC


     5 months ago +19

    "Berserk" one of the BEST manga EVER...

  • Jonathan Scott

    Jonathan Scott

     a years ago +9

    I am going to purchase these songs if I can, this is awesome!Great BESERK reference too!

  • Jake Gandy

    Jake Gandy

     a years ago +54

    listening to darksynth while reading the berserk manga actually brought me here wtf

  • TrapLordHodor


     a years ago +24

    And you have carpenter Brut for the opening no better way to start!

  • Diamond WOLF

    Diamond WOLF

     a years ago +51

    damn that last song hit me with the feels for one of my favorite anime's.

  • Kylo Rage

    Kylo Rage

     a years ago +26

    Listened to the first track.... Been listening to the leather teeth album all day!!!

  • Gendo3s2k


     a years ago +44

    I foresee this style of music coming back. especially with Cyberpunk 2077 on the way

  • Aspen Games

    Aspen Games

     a years ago +2

    I like the intro, solid progression, felt so fresh but it was like I'd heard it in a past life or something. thanks

  • Kilyén Balázs

    Kilyén Balázs

     a years ago +6

    Whole thing has nothing to do with Berserk, but both are awesome!

  • MAD Skittles

    MAD Skittles

     5 months ago +9

    You tube recommendations got it right!

  • Tenebrousable


     a years ago +112

    Casca just seemed to regain her wits just this week. Image for the this mix was 20 or so years ago. Isn't that kinda crazy?

  • Luciphell


     a years ago +10

    First minute reminds me of the opening to "Return of the Night of the Living Dead". Awesome!

  • FabyKennedy


     a years ago +2

    Berserk picture please! Good sound anyway ;)

  • Gustavo Ferreira

    Gustavo Ferreira

     a years ago +9


  • Tastybiscuitz45


     a years ago +5

    The new carpenter brut album is so good! Amazing mix once again, Purification is simply perfect to end it :D