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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 19, 2017
  • The Russian media warns that fidget spinners are a symbol of government opposition, and President Trump holds a secret meeting with Vladimir Putin at the G20 Summit.

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  • Charan Sharma

    Charan Sharma


    Please shave Trevor.. Its ugly

  • denmar lhuns

    denmar lhuns

     2 days ago

    The US is fooling itself. No wonder why the US oligarchs want most of its citizens to remain uneducated so they can fool them all the time. I can believed trevor noah a victim of the worst racism in the world (aparteid in africa) is now working for the white oligarch. Money money .....can change a black guy to a white dude attitude....saddddd

  • Robert Villalpando

    Robert Villalpando

     2 days ago


  • Lost Soldier

    Lost Soldier

     3 days ago

    Trevor's humor never gets old.. classic

  • Jian Li

    Jian Li

     7 days ago

    Like minded people trump knows Russia and big nations like getting money from Chinese government not like europe. No wonder Europe don't like him but Putin does. Europe a system of states not big nations like usa China and Russia. Why because Americans have Republicans.

  • Chowdhury Abdullah

    Chowdhury Abdullah

     7 days ago

    "I'm starting to miss Hillary" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Tug Hell

    Tug Hell

     7 days ago

    When trump done talking to the world's leaders no 1 will lik the USA anymore cuz everyone he talk to seems to want to start a war or just don't want to have nothing to do wit the usa

  • harsh kumar

    harsh kumar

     7 days ago

    It's simple Russia Don't want any American products

  • Jose antonio Paul

    Jose antonio Paul

     14 days ago

    Thurmp is acting important is just way of game go.

  • You don't know What you don't know

    You don't know What you don't know

     21 days ago

    Man talk to about trump forget about the world most smart leader 😎

  • V. V

    V. V

     1 months ago


  • rahul chauhan

    rahul chauhan

     1 months ago

    You are lucky that you can speak so much bad about your president

  • Andalorah Paillant

    Andalorah Paillant

     1 months ago

    What about papa Donald?

  • eriya mubiru

    eriya mubiru

     1 months ago

    He nailed Mandela's accent

  • Minas Omer

    Minas Omer

     1 months ago

    Okay but that Putin picture is gooooood😂😂😂
    Bad Boy Vlad.

  • DBZGamerZ


     1 months ago

    This kinda confirms my suspicion of Trump being brainwashed by Russia...he's a spy. Yep.

  • Angshuman Sarmah

    Angshuman Sarmah

     1 months ago +1

    I'm starting to miss hilary...the best line🤣

  • Наташа П

    Наташа П

     1 months ago

    Why do they keep calling Vladimir as Vlad, it's not Vlad , the short of Vladimir is Volodya. Vlad is a different name.

  • Mugen Veegito

    Mugen Veegito

     1 months ago

    No matter how much hate he have for Trump he is just comedian and Trump is billionaire and president of America

  • ZikoInSlowMotion


     2 months ago