Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – Teaser

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 12, 2019
  • Every generation has a legend. Watch the brand-new teaser for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.
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  • Alexis Duplot

    Alexis Duplot

     4 hours ago +1


  • Rasmus Hjørringgaard 5A Rønbækskolen

    Rasmus Hjørringgaard 5A Rønbækskolen

     9 hours ago +1


  • Chicks chick

    Chicks chick

     14 hours ago +1

    Star Wars: A Star Wars story

  • Stormbreaker 309

    Stormbreaker 309

     15 hours ago

    How long it’s been since the first trailer. Now it’s so close.

  • holycow92883


     18 hours ago

    I love that first scene!

  • Penelope Frulla

    Penelope Frulla

     23 hours ago

    “no ones ever really gone”

    jar jar comes out of the corner

  • Richard Hirviniemi

    Richard Hirviniemi

     23 hours ago

    Kummin päin?

  • César Rodrigo Cabañas Barrios

    César Rodrigo Cabañas Barrios


    When you realize the final laugh, it is because Emperor Palpatine returns after the return of the Jedi.

    Me: 36 years have passed through the timeline of the saga.

    The saga will end

  • Anonymous Human9999

    Anonymous Human9999

     yesterday +1

    Can't wait! Only 7 days.

  • seeker


     yesterday +1

    May The Force be with you.

  • Athallah_ Dinejad

    Athallah_ Dinejad


    How did the emperor survive???!!!

  • Adrian Hetmanski

    Adrian Hetmanski


    Oh boy...

  • jahhaahaha12



    Boycott this cash grab

  • Geen Naam

    Geen Naam



  • Jake Driscoll

    Jake Driscoll

     2 days ago

    Bruh palpatine put a portal to the future in the place he fell because he knew Vader wanted to see how deep it went

  • The one and only Charlie Chill

    The one and only Charlie Chill

     2 days ago

    I've never been so hyped for a movie I won't watch. The last 3 Star Wars movies do really SUCKS. The Mandalorian is the way.

  • Zuma Dogg

    Zuma Dogg

     3 days ago

    This movie is horrible according to test audiences and Disney can't seem to be able to fix it because of SJW/LGBT interference. Mark Hamil says we shouldnt waste our money and to wait to see it on cable (Disney+). Hollywood is impoding under goofy SJWs. Daisy Ridley will never be seen/heard from again.

  • Javier Villalobos

    Javier Villalobos

     3 days ago +1

    What if the title for the new Starwars "The Rise of Skywalker" is a hint that Luke Skywalker is gonna bring balance to the force?

  • Chris Murphy

    Chris Murphy

     3 days ago

    They fly now

  • Maanya Shukla

    Maanya Shukla

     3 days ago

    "No one's ever really gone"

    ... is simply bad writing.