Seafoam--can't believe what it did to my engine!!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 11, 2017
  • Does SeaFoam actually work in a vehicle? The ultimate test---a 30-year old truck with noisy lifters and horrible oil pressure! This engine sounds like a 1990s era diesel! Did this stuff work? The video will provide proof!
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  • Mullay2


     2 years ago +1173

    I use Seafoam in all of my vehicles. I add a can to about every five tanks of gas. I have a 2006 Honda Element with 140,000 miles on the clock. The emissions light used to come on quite often. Since I have been using Seafoam the emissions light rarely comes on. And the car runs great! I also use it in my two vintage Buicks and my 2012 Maxima. I get better mileage and smoother idle with every car that gets a can of Seafoam in the tank every so often.

  • Lars Dahl

    Lars Dahl

     6 hours ago

    Is there any point in doing something like this to a lower-milage car, say 30K? If for nothing else than a preventive measure? Just thinking out loud; I'm not in the slightest mechanically inclined.



     11 hours ago

    8:15 and lucas cures cancer..right ? no ?

  • Pullockaran C Sunil

    Pullockaran C Sunil

     11 hours ago

    idol at 2:59 of the video should be spelled as idle.

  • Tone Locs

    Tone Locs

     21 hours ago

    Wow! I wouldn't of believed if I didn't see or hear it with my own eyes and ears. Thanks for showing us,  I just about given up on my Volvo.

  • Oneal Ramar

    Oneal Ramar

     22 hours ago

    I had the flu and I took a shot of seafoam and now I'm all better

  • Kyle Logan

    Kyle Logan


    Bullshit... I know a old fuller here in NZ who has , either an older Hilux, or some kind of Toyota truck anyway, and I remember a few years ago on a trip I looked at the odo and it said 633,000 km... This was years ago and this is his daily driver. I wouldn't be surprised if it's reaching 900 thousand now. That's almost a million kilometers... Does anyone understand this lol. That's a LOT. And that truck runs fine, is warranted and registered. It's all about whether or not you thrash your car.. if you look after it and drive it with its intended purpous. Road rules, not, let's see how quick off the mark I can be, your car will last a long fucking time. PS, his truck was stock standard.. modifying isn't that old guys type of thing. And his truck is still going hard

  • Malc Tulloch

    Malc Tulloch


    The Lucas oil treatment looks very similar to STP that we used to use in the 70's in our engines. great video, thank yo for posting.

  • Alex Melnic

    Alex Melnic

     2 days ago

    Thank you very much for your work.After adding seafoam to the engine is the oil changed required after a day or so or can be done when it reaches 5000?thank you

  • that comment doe.

    that comment doe.

     2 days ago

    She's cheechin'

  • Patrick Orlesky

    Patrick Orlesky

     2 days ago

    Hi there. Could you give us an update on your seafoam engine. Many stories in YouTube land about how using seafoam or a similar product can make a engine start to leak oil from the gaskets. The removal of such particle build up, or sludge if you will, is what is keeping the old dried up gaskets from leaking and the removal of such from the engine with cleaning agents will actually make a previously clean and dry older engine start to leak.

  • David Hatton

    David Hatton

     2 days ago

    what about using diesel fuel as injector cleaner???

  • lmwrt


     2 days ago

    Great video.

  • wayne nahuy

    wayne nahuy

     3 days ago

    I guess that's why I been fixing sht since 1976. and everyone else is guessing or repeating what I say that they don't seem to hear until someone else repeats it.  I do not know why.

  • Lix198606


     3 days ago

    Interesting video, In the UK we have a brand called forte and i have had and know people who have had bad times with it. Maybe someone can shed some light on it but in two cases i had used Forte engine cleaner in an old high mileage car and also i found out my friend had done the same not long before i had (different cars), in both cases and i insure proper directions were followed but despite being fine at the time (no knocks or taps) both cars blew their engines after within 100 miles of the engine cleans. I used the same product on my own older car which was much lower mileage and it was fine but fair to say i am very sceptical about the flushes. I just made my mind up that the crap in old engines is what is holding them together lol.

  • Steven Bolfing

    Steven Bolfing

     3 days ago

    At least in my experience, the catalytic converter does an excellent job of filtering carbon and soot coming from the engine. You might find the engine dying (from high exhaust back-pressure) if you do this very often - you'll need to get a new catalytic converter

  • gmcobalt99


     3 days ago

    This guy is like the Sheldon Cooper of cars

    Nah jk but he really does know what he’s talking about, way better than those Chris Fix videos that make me go crazy

  • xluke24


     3 days ago +4

    Gained 10 pounds of oil pressure on my 6.0 Chevy after a can in it. Totally cleaned up the engine after I replaced a quart of oil with a bottle of seafoam

  • The Seventh Day

    The Seventh Day

     3 days ago

    Do you know why an engine might have a tick when in park idling?

  • Allen Poe

    Allen Poe

     4 days ago

    FYI That Lucas additive can cause your rings to stick in their grooves causing "blow by", the condition where you lose some of your compression because it "blows by" the piston and into the crankcase.
    Gura Lube and Slick 50 are a couple more that really can cause a problem. If they even exist any more!