5 Mistakes Men Make When a Girl "Pulls Away" | Do NOT do THIS if She's Losing Interest

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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 29, 2019
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    When a woman starts pulling away and you start chasing after her, she's gone, right? She's not going to even look back. You're just pushing her further away.

    about why women pull away and how you should handle it. And also just as importantly, the 5 mistakes men make when a woman pulls away. Because let's face it, it's becoming increasingly frustrating for guys. It's happening.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/ajf0Mxm3N2c


  • Timur Latypov

    Timur Latypov

     53 minutes ago +1

    Omg. If I knew it 1 month ago......

    I made almost all these mistakes 😂😂😂

  • ChrisTTking


     54 minutes ago

    Just playing the game hard to get, don't forget the part where the woman makes the guy to get jelous. That's why I don' play their games, their loss not mine, life is too short to play these kind of childish games. That is the reason why it is so hard for guys to fall in love because of these stupid childish, high school games. I'll die with my money.

  • Allan Mena

    Allan Mena

     an hour ago

    Awesome video, thank you

  • Sam Omer

    Sam Omer

     an hour ago

    It's only about sex for her nothing more, therfore f** her the way she wants, then try to ignore her, she will be needy for that d** like crazy trust me 😁😅😉

  • Xaviel Legion

    Xaviel Legion

     5 hours ago

    She pulls away because you failed one of her shittests, sorry lad, she fickle.

  • application Info

    application Info

     5 hours ago

    You need to f*****g understand people... Men are born flawed. You need to appreciate people, understand them, and respect them. Some women have trust issues, some have been thru A LOT. A lot of men are controlling lunatics, with insane amounts of jealousy. Some women enjoy uncertainty and love the chase. Really, avoid the mind games. If you “love” and care about someone tell them and if they can’t reciprocate then you shouldn’t want to be with them if they can’t respect the way you feel. Listen, understand, observe, and appreciate women. Don’t play mind games... then you’re just being manipulative.

    Yes apologize to someone, no matter who they are if you disrespected them. This guy’s a jackass. Understand how to be a good genuine human being and look for the characteristics in a women that you’re interested in, friendship is important.

    Really... I bought a woman flowers because of how proud of her I was? It was important though. It wasn’t pressure. She was in tears... however this one is an amazing individual, and she’ll always be my best friend no matter what happens between us. So maybe I found “the one”.

    Just love and appreciate every moment you have because looking past a breakup, someone could literally die and you could lose them forever. Help you can wind up dead.

    I’ve never had issues with women, and my situation may be different. We have went thru a lot in a small time together, and she even proposed to me haha. Plus we both do not get involved unless it’s actually meaningful. Finish each others’ sentences, etc...

    I see there being no difference between men and women, friendships or romantic relationships. The only difference is how close and intimate things are.

    Ha! I’m very attractive, but an unusual man. So she definitely likes the atypical characteristics she sees in me.

  • Zubair Khan

    Zubair Khan

     6 hours ago

    You spelt "apologisers"? wrong

  • Jonny Sandtrap

    Jonny Sandtrap

     7 hours ago

    lol, wtf are you talking about? the silly games that women play to trap a "good catch" are the guys fault?..... stupid men!! Amirite? 😎 Just stick with grabbing the pussies of ladies that allow you...easy game

  • DM 777

    DM 777

     8 hours ago

    Wouldn't your sisters cousin would also be your cousin no?

  • first last

    first last

     8 hours ago

    The background is fake

  • earth is flat

    earth is flat

     9 hours ago

    The comments only show how hateful n inherently stupid the dating scene is

  • bruce wayne

    bruce wayne

     10 hours ago

    Got as far as the she's testing you bs. If you have to test your significant other then YOU are the one with the insecurity issues that need to be addressed. COMMUNICATION, period. You want to understand the opposite sex, talk to the person you are interested in and LISTEN to what they say. You start "interpreting things to fit your desires and THAT'S where things fall apart.

  • Flaco Love

    Flaco Love

     10 hours ago

    Yawn... 'made the mistake of clicking his link believing I'd see another vid.. My mistake was in giving my email "first" before realizing there was going to be a fee involved. Of course I've no intentions of paying for this but now I've set myself up for up for upcoming junk/bulk conniving 419's. My bad. Of course, I won't even open any of 'em; just a simple case of having to X-out spamming.

    BEWARE of links that first demand your email address just to get to the next page (to continue) because what is sure to follow is a demand for a fee. And when you decide that you're not interested, too late; your email has already been given out to...nuberous third-party-affiliates, who also have other third party affil... Simply don't open them; don't give them the ability to enter your pc.; spam them.

  • Santorini Mou

    Santorini Mou

     12 hours ago

    3) Don't send a girl flowers, so true, that will be a big turn off and be completely awkward .

  • PianoPhantom


     18 hours ago +1

    Not here to bash on people, but I clicked the video because I was curious. Why do people think of dating as a 'game'. As a female 'human' I can answer questions on why things don't work out. It's not about being guys apologizing being too needy, or any of that. And I think the rules above are not for 'woman' rules. I think they're even job rules, friend rules and generic love rules in general and can apply to both genders. (just an opinion don't come for me). So I volunteer this post (only if people are interested to ask) 'non seriously' and 'not for a fight' to tell you what really goes on inside my head when people do the above things. It's not about a game, it's not about people being mysterious, or 'a spoiler' it's something more simple than that.

  • ryan derksen

    ryan derksen

     18 hours ago

    So is( because I said so) , (none of your business ) or (because ) ever an okay answer to give a woman.

  • Shaikh Jasem

    Shaikh Jasem

     19 hours ago

    Lol I walked away when she was pulling away, she came running harder but I ignored it I hate this drama of mind games, live is to short. Move on.

  • Don Stapp

    Don Stapp

     19 hours ago

    How about just finding the right woman in the first place.

  • Amber Gimbel

    Amber Gimbel

     20 hours ago

    This is inaccurate. All women are bat stuff, we are ALL DIFFERENT, and that is okay. Be your authentic self and find someone you are charmed and enchanted by AND physically attracted to and if she is doing the same, it will all fall into place.

  • Amber Gimbel

    Amber Gimbel

     20 hours ago

    If you are watching this...Look up Allison Armstrong. She is the best for understanding men and women. It's all about being your authentic self. This is not authentic.