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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 30, 2016
  • The most satisfying video in the world

    This videos is a remix of many other interesting videos available on the internet. Here you can watch good satisfying moments of those videos and find a link to the full version of them.
    None of these videos were shot by me. If you have interest in any of the fragments, please follow the links below and watch full versions. Credits :

    1. Neri Oxman Mediated Matter, MIT Media Lab - Glass
    2. Perfect Kinetic Art - OCTO by Anthony Howe
    3. Pedders Coil Springs.
    4. Look over the watchmakers shoulders
    5. Blooms Strobe-Animated Sculptures
    6. How Ink Is Made
    7. Kinetic Rain at Terminal 1 (Official video).
    8. aluminum milling test
    9. ASMR Magic Milk Color Experiment - Softly Spoken
    10. Beijing jianbing (北京煎饼) - China Eats series 2011
    11. - Spinning your tops - Store opening
    12. AMBIANTE, nueva decoración!!
    13. Color changing cake icing technique
    14. Cake decoration with Ambiante non-dairy cream
    15. LEGO Great Ball Contraption (GBC) Layout 2012.9
    16. Mocha Diffusion with Nail Polish Remover
    17. One Stroke Painting How To Use the Angle Brush
    18. How to Make Butcher Block End Grain Cutting Boards Où se trouve Larch Wood
    19. Magnetic Putty Time Lapse ( heart shape )
    20. Dolly Mini P3 - Pasta Machine
    21. Kilauea Lava Flow near Kalapana on Big Island, Hawaii in Nov. 2012
    22. Julie s Organic Ice Cream in Production
    23. Dolly Mini P3 - Pasta Machine
    24. Pouring more honey
    25. RX Infinity Accumulator handling 3ml glass vials. Tray loading and unloading is shown
    26. Sharpest Most Dangerous Knives In The World.
    27. The walking ball Amazing Animated Optical Illusions
    28. These Gears Really Work
    29. Troika - Cloud, Kinetic Sculpture 2008
    30. Wonka Sweet Tarts on food networks Unwrapped
    31. Woodturning - Some Fun Projects
    32. Fractal animations
    33. Busan Water Show 2
    34. amazing starlings murmuration (full HD)
    35. [PF] eXtra Large by vossi84 Trackmania 2
    36. Inside the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing, 1991
    37. Glass Blowing - Behind the Scenes with John Pomp
    38. SHAKE
    39. Dolly Mini P3 - Pasta Machine

    If you are interested in any of the clips, please follow the links and I am sure you will enjoy that channel as well. Special thanks to the creators of the videos. The text on the left bottom corner is the name of the channels which owns that specific video.

    Background Music:
    [Chill] Sleepdebt - I C U -
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    [Chill] Phaura - Departure -

    "The most satisfying video in the world - 13" will show you amazing inventions and great people who worked hard. Enjoy and get satisfied by watching interesting people and things. I hope you will get oddly satisfaction, enjoyment, and feeling of excitement. If you like or do not like something, let me know.

    For the ones who think I am a thief and did not do any work except stealing others work: Yes, I do not own any of these videos. However, I this type of videos does not overlap with the original video, because the theme is different. What we are doing here is to search and collect what we think "satisfying" videos and present them to you. And we provide all the links to the videos so you can watch and discover about new video you have never watched. At the same time original video also gets audience. We truly believe that we are at WIN(Audience)-WIN(Creators)-WIN(Satisfying video makers) situation here
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