Ken Block's Unreleased Gymkhana SEVEN Footage - Shot in Super 8 Film!!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 25, 2019
  • My Swedish friend Pierre has been working with me since the DC Shoes snowboarding days - and we've been able to make some really rad video projects over the years. But there's one forgotten project that Pierre hasn't released from Gymkhana SEVEN - until now. GYM7 on Super 8 film! Check out some of our filming history together, and finish it off with this special edit that Pierre put together for us.

    Check out Pierre's film reel for more!

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  • Ken Block

    Ken Block

     6 months ago +169

    What's your favorite film that we've done with Pierre so far?

  • Calvin Ronk Snee King

    Calvin Ronk Snee King

     1 months ago

    I love this

  • A I

    A I

     1 months ago


  • Qvist


     1 months ago

    lika om du ä svensk

  • Duke The Husky

    Duke The Husky

     1 months ago

    Mmmm Kalles Kaviar it’s very good with eggs and mayonnaise.

  • judgementiscoming soon

    judgementiscoming soon

     1 months ago

    Theses people are stupid

  • judgementiscoming soon

    judgementiscoming soon

     1 months ago

    Satan is your god

  • judgementiscoming soon

    judgementiscoming soon

     1 months ago

    What does your soul cost

  • Kell DiGi

    Kell DiGi

     1 months ago

    Cool story about the raptor tracks video. I'm a huge fan that lives here in Nelson B.C. where the barge shots were taken, and was just kind of discovering Ken along with the world of Motorsport, specifically rally, at the time. One of my friends was working for Baldface unloading the heli at the airport for them and actually has a picture of him and some of his other friends with Ken (And Ken was wearing car PJs, fitting). Anyway about 2 days after Ken had come back from Baldface I was chatting with my friend and asked him if he had ever heard of Ken Block, and of course he goes "Oh yeah he was just up at Baldface! I have a picture with him." After the raptor tracks video came out I realized how cool it was that Ken was here in my home town, right after I discovered who he was. Ken thank you for being out there doing what you do and inspiring people like me, you will forever be the radest guy alive.

  • jeffery warburton

    jeffery warburton

     2 months ago

    It makes me think of bullet and gone in 60 seconds. Super 8 is its own movie magic.

  • Alma Njeri

    Alma Njeri

     3 months ago

    This makes me so happy 😀

  • Fredrik Carlsson

    Fredrik Carlsson

     3 months ago

    Looks released to me. :P

  • Ethan M

    Ethan M

     3 months ago

    The super eight thing in the thumbnail looks like it’s meant to be crude

  • Junkguys Tucson

    Junkguys Tucson

     3 months ago

    Had a Dukes a hazard feel till for most of the 60's part,, hell yeah fellas, Way cool...

  • hello people

    hello people

     3 months ago

    At 2:17 damn does ken and scotto

  • Matheus Henrique

    Matheus Henrique

     3 months ago

    So brasileiro amo assistir vc

  • Zero J

    Zero J

     3 months ago

    That was fucking dope as hell. Super 8 ftw

  • bryan diel

    bryan diel

     3 months ago

    This sticker on that Police Cruiser!!! Hooning is not a crime roflmao!! :D xD

  • Ben Harman

    Ben Harman

     4 months ago

    Why have we not seen this before?!?! This is pure Art and looks stunning.
    Would love to see more incorporated in some "mainstream" shots or released as a short by themselves... adds a completely different vibe.
    GREAT job Pierre, and of course Ken as always.
    Can anyone say Cossie V2 Super 8 in Ireland?!?!?!

  • Ady Unix

    Ady Unix

     4 months ago

    the best in the world..