You try to cut my team in half so I outsourced your WHOLE department! | r/ProRevenge | #070

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 3, 2019
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  • Karma Comment Chameleon

     1 months ago


  • Eclipse Starfaller

     12 days ago

    Mmmmmm, afraid I’m gonna have to pass. Or, should I say, *you’re* gonna pass

  • omegalock27

     18 days ago

    Go ahead and eat them all. I'm allergic to them anyway. =<

  • Simon Frederic

     1 months ago

    "I will find you, and will make a power point presentation about how inefficient you and your team are."

  • darthvader5300

     25 days ago

    The thing is, in 1974 Germany experimented with FULL AUTOMATION using 1st generation pseudo A.I self-reprograming computers, robotization, servo-mechanization, etc and the result is one large company building filled only with mainframe computers serviced only with 2 secretaries and A BUNCH OF COMPUTER PEOPLE working as programmers watching the progress of the self-reprograming computer programs and computer hardware people watching and monitoring the performance of the computers, and RARELY INTERVENING...

  • Barbungar Mora Sealo

     27 days ago

    @halipatsui lol

  • FalloutRain

     1 months ago

    Karen: The IT department is uselessIT guy: I'm about to ruin this lady's whole career

  • Joseph Holdman

     2 days ago

    What right do you have to do so sell out!

  • NirvanaShotgun

     8 days ago

    @Shadoufang Me and the IT group when we kill Karen's career :)

  • Uncle Davey

     24 days ago

    Attacking the IT department is like suing a lawyer.

  • Miko Mido

     4 days ago

    @Normaali Ihminen Not impossible, very slim chances, still not impossible.

  • Normaali Ihminen

     4 days ago

    Miko Mido um that is impossible from practical standpoint. Theoretically maybe but again impossible practically.

  • Notmy realname

     29 days ago

    Karen keeps creating accounts to dislike this video

  • Chris Cichon

     27 days ago

    to this day she is still doing it.

  • Rick C-189

     1 months ago

    * *buys IT department donuts next day* *

  • Karma Akabane

     10 days ago

    The whole country's happiness rate goes up to 100

  • Boblob Chippymig

     29 days ago

    *everyone claps*

  • czdaniel1

     1 months ago

    In the Game of Boardrooms, *You Either Win or you GET OUTSOURCED TO INDIA!!* HaHaHaha

  • fourtwanky

     10 days ago

    @darthvader5300 wut?

  • Placido Penitente

     14 days ago

    Or get outsourced to SEA!

  • squ34ky2

     17 days ago

    India thanks you for the jobs. Thank you and come again! 🙂

  • Wakaziar

     1 months ago

    This isn’t a reddit story,This is an anime synopsis with the knowing smiles, in jokes and outsmarting your opponent to an incredible degree

  • ArmchairWarrior

     1 months ago

    an anime wouldnt have a concise ending and would leave with a cliffhanger, "But, did Karen move to another department? we will never know"FUCKS SAKE COCK ASS

  • Gibran A

     1 months ago

    I want this anime

  • aka 47

     1 months ago

    never go for IT, they got the LOGs!

  • d'grassed

     22 days ago

    ClubLulu that’s why I’m going into IT. Mess with us, we will make your computers cry 😈

  • ClubLulu

     26 days ago

    IT will F you up haha