Tekashi 6ix9ine Opens Up About Getting Kidnapped And Robbed In His Most Personal Interview Yet

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 27, 2018
  • The self-proclaimed "King of New York" himself pulled up to the Angie Martinez show and talked about his recent robbery, Vic Mensa, his childhood, Nicki Minaj, Drake + more!

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    Video Producer: Maritza Bolivar
  • Source: https://youtu.be/b3TIOw_e1NM


  • The Angie Martinez Show

    The Angie Martinez Show

     a years ago +2274

    6ix9ine Says Going Against Drake is Like "Going Against God” 🤔 thoughts? Clip 👉🏿 https://ihr.fm/2vdU63V

  • Trevor Ramfolo

    Trevor Ramfolo

     5 hours ago

    This guy knows who he is...2-3 Days after getting kidnapped he does interviews with a swollen eye and talks about his robbery odeal CONFIDENTLY... He is a strong dude... And take notice of the comments about him being a good and humble guy

  • Paul Nelson

    Paul Nelson

     14 hours ago

    Little boy.who was playing a dangerous game.and it went wrong..




    See his crew didn't respect him if he had more respect from his team things would've went better

  • Ralph Gambino

    Ralph Gambino


    Why is this fat cow talking like she's black?

  • alittlelotus



    only 2 family members? wtf? for sure an fbi informant

  • TheMadcrazy730



    This dude is snitching on everyone he can now. Thinking that he's untouchable and will get out and go. Back to living life like it was before going to jail. The real question for him now should be..Is you dumb? ..STUPID ..
    69 is marked with the worst mark in the street. Rat, Snitch,informant...whatever you want to call it. Anyone dealing with him after all this . Is really putting themselves at high risk . Not worth the risk of doing anything with him.

  • Tanya Depoalo

    Tanya Depoalo


    This boy seems like there is underlying trauma or some psychological trauma going on with him. No one tattoos their face and physically alters themselves like this unless there is trauma. It is very sad. And the industry eats people like this for dinner. They do not care about him. The world has got to care and stop using this boy and stop being so superficial with people like this. It's great he is living his dream of music but the celebrity is what most people will see and react to. I do love that he's into rock. He seems like a nice boy. I hope we will pray for him and his daughter and the influence of his life on his daughter.

  • Jays adventures

    Jays adventures

     2 days ago

    Free 6ix9ine

  • Michael Laychock

    Michael Laychock

     2 days ago

    I dont feel bad for him. Somebody gonna kill this dude. He brought it on his self trying to be someone he isnt.

  • 666LaVey666


     2 days ago

    When keeping it "real" goes wrong

  • Victor R Santiago

    Victor R Santiago

     3 days ago


  • Jason Cardenas

    Jason Cardenas

     3 days ago

    Been to prison, gang life, all of that. Pretty simple, most people commenting are square to the next power and have no clue what you are talking about.

    This boi is a social media character. When he gets done snitching he will be back acting.

    Real certified killers are straight up telling in prison right now for an extra peanut butter sandwich.

    Keep watching them movies tho.

  • Jays adventures

    Jays adventures

     3 days ago

    That story about his dad made me wanna cry man

  • Marie's UFO's

    Marie's UFO's

     3 days ago

    who is he?

  • Ibrahim Allan

    Ibrahim Allan

     3 days ago +1

    What was the situation with the underage girl? I never heard the full story



     3 days ago


  • b0zay


     3 days ago

    6ix9ine destroyed vic mensa LMFAO BURNED 1:08:11

  • b0zay


     3 days ago

    when you think about it, tekashi never bought nice things out of his success and fame, he never bought a house, he never even had a lambo, all he had is jewelry, so it means all money went to the gang and some of it to his family, this nigga aint got nothing for himself to lay back on.

  • Shellshell222


     3 days ago +4

    Look at his face, beyond the tats. He is just a kid..a baby.