Ayanna Pressley - The Urgency of Gun Control and Trump’s Immigration Cruelty | The Daily Show

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 17, 2019
  • Democratic Rep. Ayanna Pressley discusses President Trump's history of racism, America's gun violence epidemic and the Trump administration's inhumane immigration policies.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/b5r1ZCEQsRI


  • A B

    A B

     an hour ago

    She’s the racist pig

  • Taylor Hagin

    Taylor Hagin

     15 hours ago

    I wonder what 22nd century people will think of us...

  • diego f

    diego f

     2 days ago

    Why ban rifles when less than 5 percent of gun homicides are committed with rifles ,
    Why not go after handguns that kill more people , or yet , enforce laws vs felons
    That commit 80 percent of gun homicides , why not do something about inner city
    Crime that accounts for a disproportionate number of death, this lady is blinded by
    Hatred for trump , now she’s going after Kavanaugh again.

  • B Jones

    B Jones

     6 days ago +1

    "So you are going to kill me with guns to take my guns."said 60 MILLION American gun owners....

  • B Jones

    B Jones

     6 days ago

    White South Africans are being SLAUGHTERED right NOW.Why?Because they have no way to protect themselves.Same in Mexico,same in Venezuela."Gun control" is people control.What about the mass murders in gun free zones?Chicago,Detroit,Los Angelas,Baltimore??Criminals will blow your head off with an illegal pistol in a HEARTBEAT.How crazy do you have to be to start a war with gun owning Americans??!

  • Supremium


     7 days ago

    god she’s such a racist

    Ayanna pressley claims she wants to end racism and segregation. however she said these exact words in a speech (you can look it up) “we dont want any blacks who don’t want to be a black voice, we don’t want any brown people who don’t want to be a brown voice, and we don’t want muslims who don’t have a muslim voice.”
    do you understand what she just said? If you are black and don’t speak for black people than don’t speak at all, if you are muslim and don’t speak for muslim people then don’t speak at all, if you are brown and you don’t speak for brown people then don’t speak at all.

    in simpler terms, if youre black and don’t speak for blacks then you shouldn’t speak, etc etc.
    In other words, ayanna is saying that your free speech should be limited by the color of your skin. you should only stand up for people of your own skin color.

    she claims she wants to end segregation and racism? by limiting human rights based on the color of your skin? do we really want someone with this mindset running our country?

  • MickeyGreenEyes213


     7 days ago

    Her stance on gun control is really smart and she is so well spoken about it! The right's argument to gun control is there are more instances of community gun violence than there are mass shootings. She is really smart to address both saying yes these are both problems and we need to approach gun control from both angles.

  • Paul Lehasa

    Paul Lehasa

     7 days ago

    Trevor asked her what are they gonna do about corporations that hire undocumented immigrants, she didn't answer that. I understand that migrants are not supposed to be vilified but there's something fishy right there.

  • Chris Gove

    Chris Gove

     7 days ago

    Typical bullshit.

  • Melanie Viljoen

    Melanie Viljoen

     7 days ago

    Man daars is n klompi malhuise

  • keith wilson

    keith wilson

     14 days ago

    wait a minute 4min in she says we can save millions of lives by banning assult riffles were she geting this fuzzy math from and when did america want to ban guns when did we want are rights taken away please what polls show this its not the gun thats the problem and if baning guns work what happening in Chicago there is gun violence there everyday and say u ban guns are the criminals going tgo follow this law and turn there gun in . and what happens when there is a home invasion how can one defend against this if they dont have a gun o i forgot no one will have one cuz the criminals willl turn theres in and what about people making cocktail bombs how can u stop that if one is going to kill they will and having good people with guns can stop some of these sick people now i do agree we need better back ground checks i dont care if that violates ones rights cuz it does not cuz harm to do these checks and if one has mental problems well they should not have a gun i will go for that. but this lady is lying big time

  • Aaron Kiker

    Aaron Kiker

     14 days ago

    You know what is really cruel ? Not going after the real problems or taking away the real things that are killing people. Not legalizing marijuana federally and forcing citizens and children to continue dangerous Pharmaceutical drugs, not going after tobacco the way the go after guns. These are the public health crisis guns don’t even come close. Her statistics are also not true, passing an assault weapons ban would cause thousands of deaths not prevent them

  • zeppo shemp

    zeppo shemp

     14 days ago

    now tell us how Aboriginal Australian women are ugly Trevor 😍

  • Terrence Myers

    Terrence Myers

     14 days ago


    Why do the people who are most marginalized (POC) always have to fight and protect against "WHITE PEOPLE'S" evil and wicked policies. Why don't so-called "WHITE PEOPLE" know how to show empathy? The problem with this colonized racist nation has never been people of color it has always been white supremacy, institutional racism, and white entitlement/privilege of an inferior race of people who call themselves white to give themselves a false sense of superiority. When in fact white supremacy, institutional racism, white entitlement/privilege is truly the cancer of human history. Why don't so-called "white people" go back to where they came from especially since they are the colonizers, murderers, rapist, racist, liars, and thieves?

  • njack1994


     21 days ago +1

    Do not take our guns, it will not solve a damn thing. If murder is the intent the gun is merely a tool to facilitate it. That person will still inflict harm with or without a gun. Also there is about twice as many people in New York city than there is in all of New Zealand, so I am calling that a bit of unfair comparison of how to deal with gun related violence in the US. Putting a ban on assault rifles would increase disparity in peoples opinions on a relevant issue which would probably increase the underlining conditions for acts like mass shootings to occur. However, without a gun to facilitate such an act to occur your forcing to either deescalate or escalate which in the case of an already unstable mind would more than likely be the latter so casualties would probably increase as well. Gambling like there are no consequences is what this government does best anymore so it would appear.

  • Madeline Hellena

    Madeline Hellena

     21 days ago

    While she was talking, I was thinking ”I doubt Trump would be able to read these phrases from a prompter... he wouldn't understand 3/4 of the words she is saying” :))

  • ang Nbo

    ang Nbo

     21 days ago

    From MA over here !!!!! She is absolutely stunning, articulate and straightforward. I’m currently in college and I aspire to be someone like her one day.

  • Gregory McClain

    Gregory McClain

     21 days ago

    she is very educated. but she did not answer the 1st questions of the two questions Trevor asked at the end. what do you think about corporations that hire immigrants.

  • loule love

    loule love

     21 days ago

    Shes amazing. Yasss

  • Nef El

    Nef El

     21 days ago

    Trevor asks the hard questions. Please don’t ignore them like we won’t notice.