Strange Noises Coming From Well Prove To Be A Much Scarier Situation Than Villagers Anticipated

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  • Published on:  Sunday, December 9, 2018
  • It’s no surprise that the majority of animals have a similar response to being confined to small spaces like humans. Yet, it’s often their innate curiosity that gets the best of them and they often wander where they shouldn’t. Of course, that leads to some rather dangerous circumstances that have dire consequences.

    Take what recently happened to a wild animal in the Dhundi village of central India, for instance. When someone noticed the animal had become stuck at the bottom of a 20-foot well, they knew they had to do whatever it took to save its life.

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  • Brielliant 1

    Brielliant 1

     10 months ago

    Interesting how there are so many pics of leopards in wells, enough to make this vid. Terrible for thought.

  • Robert Ley

    Robert Ley

     10 months ago +2

    At least it wasn’t Timmy again

  • Pat Depaula

    Pat Depaula

     10 months ago

    Yes and according to our famous President Donald Trump there is no global warming or climate change perhaps we should drop a leopard down into the White House and let it drink out of their bathtub

  • Little_Miss_Sunshine 687

    Little_Miss_Sunshine 687

     10 months ago

    Its animals like leopards and lions that kill zebra and buffalo and other animals like giraffes and alot of you hardly show abit of remorse because some of you are average sterotypical you'd be like "Oh its nature deal with it" its fine to hunt down and kill prey once in a while but not to an extent like some arrogant people encourge toxic habit daily put in the wilderness so why bother saving one leopard when they are others out there they are not victum, falling in this well made leopard helpless so some of you are going to get a taste of your own medicine when i say "Oh its nature its only one leporad let it stay 20 feet down that well " (btw its good that leopard got rescued but whatever pfft)

  • Shawn James

    Shawn James

     10 months ago +1

    Kill it

  • Lacy Hay

    Lacy Hay

     10 months ago +2

    What a beautiful creature you guys saved.

  • JM Ong

    JM Ong

     10 months ago

    2:18 Leopard looks like Lady Gaga.

  • Desert Prince

    Desert Prince

     10 months ago

    again he went to search of water lol

  • Public Domain

    Public Domain

     10 months ago

    Woman runs for Man.....duh

  • Renn


     10 months ago +1

    You shouldn’t have shown the animal well at the beginning, made the rest of the video much less interesting.

  • Ferny Quintana

    Ferny Quintana

     10 months ago +1

    I hate that there’s never footage

  • Auntie M

    Auntie M

     10 months ago

    The alternative being a dead body in their drinking water.

  • Tamara Weber

    Tamara Weber

     10 months ago +3

    The villager's always come together to help the animal's. Wonderful people.

  • christine mcmahon

    christine mcmahon

     10 months ago +1

    Really had to make a ladder? I bet a straight piece of lumber would have worked too. Really it is a cat.

  • 9puppys


     10 months ago +7

    I Feel Like Droughts Wouldn't Be That Big Of An Issue For Animals If Locals Made A Bit Of A Pond For Them To Drink From, Far Enough So The Animals Pose No Immediate Danger To The Locals, But Close Enough For Them To See It Slightly From Afar

  • Greg Hall

    Greg Hall

     10 months ago +6

    Wow what a amazing story

  • Donald Johnson

    Donald Johnson

     10 months ago +1

    We enjoyed the story of such a beautiful animal
    and Heroic Man

  • Donald Johnson

    Donald Johnson

     10 months ago +7

    Found A Box Turtle in the middle of a 2 lane Road Enroute to walking at the
    security guarded park ,
    Once there we took Mr turtle Out near a wooded area to His Forever Home

  • Yvonne Camacho

    Yvonne Camacho

     10 months ago +2

    God is love for every living being on this planet in the universe. Because of Him we love and care like He does.

  • hattie nuff

    hattie nuff

     10 months ago +3

    Great rescue, but the color of that water ... YUCK !!